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Is Praying In Public Wrong
Dear friend it's a matter of the heart. Don't forget God looks upon the heart, and the center of Jesus' teaching on this topic was on the heart, the motive driving the action.

Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

If your motive is to commune with God genuinely and seek his blessing, then you've done well.

In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
you are right, angels don't have wings, but they can fly, and in past times seeing an angel in human form flying in the sky, would asume that they had wings in order for them to fly.

Do Muslims Worship Same God
The worldly religious leaders and scholars, have concluded that we all believe in THE SAME GOD so, please before bloging (throwing up) do some more learning before responding and above all, please don't include insults. This is supposed to be a Christian site and the needs of people's genuine quiestions should be answered accordingly.

What Is The Rapture
No,it is not false and I can tell you this much that those whom are misfortuned enough to have to stay here don't excpect a granny huge.

No Sin In Their Life
Yeh, and I know two bookies who give you free bets and a laonshark who gives out free money.

Are Women More Spiritual
I thing Eve kinda messed that one up for the females.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
Now I don't know about the pope, but the first churches and by christian laws handed down from the holy spirit during the pentacostal to the apostles, is that the church alter must be facing due East which, I think is the reason why he prayed towards that direction.

Donate My Wife's Eggs

Is The Tooth Fairy Biblical
As innocent as it may seem, fairies and garden nomes and such creatures is a simple and subtle way of bringing these unatural demons of a lower level into our homes and hearts were we endear and embrace them so much as to even introducing the to our children.
In fact the real history of these creatures is more sinister than benevolent.

Should I Leave My Job
Start looking for another job, but don't let it be known to nobody and I mean nobody. In the mean time say your prayers before you go to work at work and after work. Exercising after work will help relieve some stress while you are still at that job. Remember you were looking for a job when you found this one. Chin up and don't let wickedness get the better part of you. Something great is headed your way.

Can't Stand My Husband
What works for me AAALLLL of the time is this advice-separate yourself from that environment meaning your husband and home for 40rty days spend your days through fasting and prayers after the 40th day the answer will come to you from above. Recieve communion before, throughout, and after your fast. This must be done with all of your heart and soul without a single blemish of sin. If you feel that you cant do this task without sinning then it is best u don't try it. God Bless You.

Is It Jesus Or Yeshewa
Jesus's name was an Aramaic name Aramaic being the root of all languages including hebrew. His name in Aramaic was pronounced "ISHOO MISHIECCKA" Ishoo being the name we know, Jesus, and MISHHIECCKA which in Aramaic is from the word mishhcka(oil) hence "The Onointed One".

Hell Bound Due To Divorce
Simply put NOOOOO, repentence from the two of you will be enough, for our GOD is forgiving GOD.

Do Muslims Worship Same God
Yes, the muslims, the jews and the christians worship the same God it's the Son and the Holy Spirit they (the muslims and the jews don't believe in). However satanic worshipers believe that there is, The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit, that is way they revere, fear, despise, hate, and mock the 3 HOLY Trinities.

Marriage Was A Mistake
I speak from experience, I was once that man for eight years and though the girl and boy were hers i cared for them as if they were my own. Then one day thank the Lord I relized that I was just a meal ticket, she never did love me. That feeling of decietfulness and betrayel it's unamaginable to describe the pain. Tell him the truth and set him free. Eight years of living a selfish lie for his sake must come to an end.

Heaven And Paradise
Yes, Heaven and Paradise are the same place, but not paradise as we know it like, Hawaii or the Carabean Islands.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Description of paradise
Noun: often paradise The Garden of Eden

In fact the original word for Heaven came from the Aramaic language(the languge that Jesus spoke) and is pronounced- PEARDISA, which translates into Paradise.

Fell Asleep At A Guys Home
A man has pride, his whole center of exiistence is his honor, loyalty, and the morals and princaples which tie it all together. Once you chalange that which makes a man a man a line's been drawn in the sand . Now If you truly have'nt done nothing sinful like fornification or harbored lust in your heart, then look to his parents for help, get his parents to approve of you all over again humble yourself and tell them everything. For what you do in the dark shall come to in the light.

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