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My Christian Son Lives With A Girl
Rebecca, you sound very judgmental. A person who is backsliden is still a Christian. Nothing can take us out of Gods hands. I struggled with certain sins longer than maybe someone else might have but God loved me and was patient with me. My heart goes out to this mom and for anyone to tell her that her son is not a Christian because he is living with his girlfriend is wrong. I am a sinner saved by grace, not by my own power but by the grace and love of God. Momma love your son and pray for him and his girlfriend. Prayer really works. My love and heart goes out to you.
From one mom to another.

Dress Code For Clients
The problem is not me, but the seductively dressed Jezebelles that get some kind of sick thrill from showing themselves to my husband while he is just trying to make a living. Thanks for the comments but I guess no one else has experienced this problem in their life. So I am outta here.

Dress Code For Clients
Yes there is several differences. He is trained in draping and exposes only the area worked on a the time and only works the glutes covered and does not massage the breasts or genitals. The problem is when female clients expose themselves to him before getting the massage. I thought that this was a blog where you could talk about problems and get advice from other christians.

Dress Code For Clients
He has been a Medical Massage Therapists for 6 years.
In Genesis 2:18 God said that it was not good that man be should be alone,then he created Eve, a help meet.
Sometimes God reveals to a spouse things that the other does not see. A married woman who loves and trusts her husband should shield and protect him from potential harm, just like you do for your children.

Dress Code For Clients
Yes! He says that he can not control how people dress, but I think that there is someway he could let them know that it is for their safety and his they dress appropriately. He owns his own business and should be in control when they come to him.

Why Do People Hold Grudges
Forgiveness is what people want to mitigate their emotions for what they have done.(Guilt) The problem with forgiveness if it is given to often then it becomes expected and the offences are repeated. Such as repeat offenders. 2nd The misconception about grudges is people think they are a bad thing. Grudges help stop manipulators by ending bad relationships so that you can move onto good relationships.

Husband Died Of Cancer
I lost my husband of 40 years on May 30th to cancer. I attended grief support classes and they just say it is the grieving process, which doesn't help! He had cancer in 2010 and was treated with chemo and radiation, had a clear CT scan 3 months later. 3 months after that the CT scan showed "a couple of nodules" but they were small and would just watch and do another scan in 3 months. In 3 months he had lots of nodules and a mass on his neck (which I later found out also showed up 3 months earlier). I have so much trouble dealing with the fact that we should not have waited 3 months after seeing the first 2 nodules. I may not be a good person to talk to. I'm still very much grieving and angry with the doctor......

Explain Sackcloth And Ashes
David, where did you find the definition to "sackcloth?" Your response is exactly what I have been looking for. I would like to verify the defintion myself as I don't trust everything I read:)

My Husband Will Not Work
Who ARE these holier than thou people who talk down to someone in need?! My gosh people, lighten up and get a heart. This woman came here looking for help, not your ATTITUDE. This guy is a lame oaf, who needs to get a grip . . . AND a job. I love the "starve 'em out" suggestion, although frankly when it gets to this point, then you end up feeling disgusted no matter what. Ugh, what a choice!

Caught My Husband Cheating
Sorry, but I think these guys (Cheaters,Thieves, Abusers) LOVE their POSITION OF POWER in their Relationship with You (depending they stay with the family). If it was you they loved they would not do the very worst thing in the world that they KNOW would kill you (the person they love?), why not just pour draino down your would eat into your heart and feel a whole lot better than the way they did it! First and foremost, they love their spoiled brat, "gotta have it my way", "eat my cake and have it too" behavior, not you not think that they did not weigh the pros and cons before they did it ...then they did it!!! These evil men (and women) have the love of Self over You and anyone else...including HER .

Can A Person Be Born Evil
Place two hungry newly walking toddlers in a room - place one cookie biscuit there and watch the inborn greed (recently named survival of the fittest!)....inborn sin ...what is in the middle of the sin ...It is I. I I I want ...God says I am...I am ...I am the sum total of all your Christ you are fulfilled...the less thought about you the more you grow into him, the happier and closer to heaven's ways you will become... the more thought about the Bible and others focused the more you will change. In heaven there will be no sinners...think about it if you give your life away you will gain life !!! Isn't God a smooth operator !!!! Praise His Holy Name !

What If Big Bang Is True
Why then are there human sized petrified clams on mount Everest ....because of the Great Flood ....Creation go here if you are brave enough--- then get someone from the Seventh-day Adventist Church to teach you how TRUE to the year the Bible is !
In your search put clams human mount Everest petrified...The Bible Man..The Bible

Self Righteous Pastors
I have never met a self-righteous minister however I have heard about them in the media. Examples of these are David Koresh, Jim Jones,and the Leader of Hale Bop Comet group .... When a pastor is self-righteous I think they are considering themselves equal with GOD So we will eventually hear about them,or worship them ,think? ....I Think This Type of Minister Has Placed Himself In A Very Dangerous Before God ...think?

I Hate Christmas
It dawned on me this year that the only thing that Christ wants is "his people" to come home with him on that great and terrible final day of the world.
The gift that we are to give to others is the love,life and knowledge of Christ.
We are to show Christ's love through our actions, our life and in sharing his teachings.
We are to live in example through our lives, taking all measures to be blameless and holy as Christ. Everyday we need to ask Christ to take us on an amazing adventure with him , ask he lead us and speak through us . with this key in place You will be a Christ Mass to others daily!

Pastor Hides Church's Financials
I am with you. My mom belongs to a church and never knows where the money is going, but the preacher and his wife are always coming up with new things. It is a small church with only about 10 members and he has no other job, so where is he getting his money to live.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
No. The Bible teaches that we must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.

Who Is Babylon
Babylon is the huge church of the world, a church misled by the beast power. The church of Babylon is full of misleading anti-Christs who go against the Bible truth,those having false doctrines,those who refuse to follow the commandments of God. This church, a counterfeit for the real Church. The real church being those who love God and show it by being commandment keepers, even unto their death and having the testimony of Jesus Christ. Sunday keepers,fornicators those that changed the commandments, those who have a form of Godliness but follow after the beast.

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