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Are Women More Spiritual
There are good men out there, but SOME men use the Bible as a tool STILL to oppress women. The Bible was written at a time of much hatred towards women. Prior to that, religions were female-oriented and focused on honoring women as "life givers." When religions became patriarchal, men tried to take this power and make men the "life givers" all the while demeaning women. It was womb envy, that men don't do something as profound, pure as give birth.Not saying all men suffer from an inferiority complex, but sexist men do. I know that the Bible was written by men and that certain books were chosen while others conveniently deleted. Women are hated because women do have a special power and men try to compensate.

Help With Husband's Anger
First, you already understand that your husband does not respect you - he has demonstrated that by hitting you.

You also need to understand that you must have respect for yourself. It would be of benefit to both of you to first seek counseling from a certified counselor in marriage as well as a pastor. Exhaust all remedies available to you before deciding to leave. Your husband needs to recognize he has a problem, and you need to get counseling to deal with the problem. If you feel you are in danger physically, or your children are in danger, do not stay, but seek refuge somewhere to protect yourselves. You can work on the marriage from a distance, and it may jerk him into the realization that this is a very serious matter.

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
I'm so grateful that God meets all of us where we are. If you choose to undergo IVF, God can use it to bless you. Maybe it is a lack of faith or pure impatience, but he's so patient and full of grace. If you choose to believe the impossible and ask Him to bring you a child naturally, He will meet your measure of faith. It will be done just as you believe. Read Mark 9:24 and 11:24. It may involve waiting and patience, but in the end you will receive a miracle if you don't doubt His power!

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