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Empty Tomb Of Jesus
"And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain." The empty tomb of Jesus is evidence that He is risen. Also He was seen of many after His resurrection.

Worship In Spirit And Truth
I believe to worship in Spirit and in truth is more about the 'why' of worship. We worship God because He IS God and there is no other. Our worship therefore MUST be directed / orchestrated by the Holy Spirit (not by intellect) and MUST be in total honesty of our spirit and heart.

How To Respond To God
Your response would depend on the information you received, but the response MUST always be underscored by obedience and humility.

Been Ashamed Of The Gospel
Do you mean ashamed of the gospel or being afraid at a particular moment to share the gospel? Many people are sometimes timid of sharing their faith but there are ways to overcome this.

Is Salvation A Legal Contract
"Legality / Legal / Legalism" are words which I believe refer to systems set up and maintained by humans and monitors human behaviour or interactions. God's systems are set up and maintained only by Him and thus do not require legal contracts. SALVATION is a free gift through a covenant.

Pastor Hides Church's Financials
This type of behaviour is primitive and I feel is used as a means of control. It also encourages distrust. Try to get a group of concerned members of the fellowship and approach the pastor. You should seriously consider finding a more secure place of worship if you try without success all the legal methods available to you.

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