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Do Christian Prophets Exist
Grant,I think u hit the nail on the head.Its not that were not out there, its mostly no one wants to listen.Most Christans get in a "comfy zone"and dont want anything rocking the boat or are afraid Gods going to expose that deep dark sin that they just dont want to let go of.God has used me alot since my third confirmation(God,scripture,others)and Ive seen what happens when ignored.
Know where I can find cammel hair shirt?

Have You Felt A Demon Before
Please I dont mean to make light,but seen em,heard em,felt em,talked to em and If God ever opens your "spiritual eyes"you'll see things in a much more serious light.Also I quit calling them demons,it gives a image of little dark fanged trolls,and call them what they are ,fallen angels and I believe angels were placed below man.

Have You Felt A Demon Before
So wheather its choking u in your sleep,talking to u in the car,screeming your name in the woods at night,comeing towords u in a fog or in that guy stareing at u across the street,I dont just say the name,I "ATTACK IT" with the name of JESUS CHRIST. P.S Dont forget to say your prayers!

Do Christian Prophets Exist
I just replied and noticed I'm not the only Christopher so I'll go by Chris S.I dont believe modern prophets are used like the OT ones were(healers,miracle workers etc..)and if u see one on tv selling prophecies CHANGE THE CHANNEL!Yes the office of a prophet and the gift of prophecy are out there,but they are two totally differant things.A true prophet is confirmed and spends her/his days learning Gods voice and tring to be worthy to deliver the words.2chron.7:14 Glory to God most high!

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