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Can Females Wear Pants
Jason if you preach the Word of God for what it says like you say you do when are you going to answer my question?
Also do you have a battlement about your roof?

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
Nancy if you have been spanked for 13-15 years that is concrete proof that it didn't work. So if it didn't work why continue on?
What is wrong in this traveling circus?
If at 15 you are not mature enough to accept responsibility then the "old" activity of trying to correct you needs to change for it hasn't worked.
We don't see a momma dog whipping her pups when they mature so why should mama and dad humans?

My Question Wasn't Posted
Emcee, what makes you think you were not wanted somewhere? Could it be that your spelling made something sound like something else?
If I make an error that sounds like I am using profanity I thank God that someone somewhere cares enough to see that it doesn't go public. Make that error publicly and you will never live it down.
Mistakes can be corrected. Mistakes are not sin.
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My Question Wasn't Posted
Cond #2
Has anyone noticed that CN believed and trusted Shira when she said she didn't use a word of profanity/off color purposely? Have we noticed they never accused her of using profanity? It was the computer system that kicked out a word that it noticed as "off color."
Don't eat Butterflies and then say Butter taste bad.
Get back on course and handle the important things like God expects you to do.

My Question Wasn't Posted
Shira, Please tell us that you are going to sign back up and continue on.

Christians Are Mentally Sick
Thanks John for your information but I still refuse to eat a Duck that doesn't "poop" 65 times a day. Burp.......

Evening Made Before The Stars
Alan not to go back to all of what I have said in the past about Hebrew words and numbers before days and so forth but I have yet to get the answer of why it would take God Millions of years to create anything?
God could, if He wanted, pull back hundreds of years and change history but He doesn't.
Could God have created everything in just one hour if He wanted?
There is always purpose and direction with Gods actions. A "Gap Theory" leaves that out.

Hillary Clinton Running For 2008
Fres S, Funny statement guy, who are you considering the woman to be?

Humor Blog #12
Nah, Nah you got it all wrong Ann. Gym is one of those big shots at the school. He has a place of power and no one challenges him.
I know he is really important because he is called "The Gym" all the time.
He must be hard on his employees cause I hear them say we are going to The Gym to work out. Work out nothin' I say go slap the guy and be done with it.
Wonder is his last name is Dandy?

God So Loved The World
Hebrew "Sheol" and Greek "Hades" mean the same thing.
Sheol is a general term that always means unseen state, place of departed spirits, place of the dead or "metaphorically" death or grave. Never primarily where the body goes.
Sheol is translated 31 times as grave, 31 times as Hell, 3 times as pit but never once as a literal particular grave.
Other Hebrew words are always used for sepulchers or literal graves.
There is fire in Hell not a literal grave.

God So Loved The World
Notice Cliff rejects the entire New Testament, then tries to tell everyone how "wrong" they are for their belief.
He says Adam is dead. (His body is but Adam's spirit is with the Lord.) Cliff doesn't understand the first and second death. YET!
Cliff tells us that we will die and only go to the grave. (Sound like a JW to you?)
Jesus has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel, II Tim 1:10.
Notice that word immortality.
Cliff attacks and attacks when will it end?

God So Loved The World
I have explained the meanings (more than one) of the word Cosmos in an earlier post. Cliff wants you to forget the context of what was being said and to who it is spoken to.
Cliff wants you to doubt God's Word as he does and place your belief in what he says. He tries to convince us that if he can't understand it, it must not be true.
My understanding is that the Holy Spirit reveals the deep things of God to His children. Why does Cliff not see this?

How To Sanctify Ourself
John T evangelism is an act of obedience for the Christian per the command of Jesus.
Obedience is acts of willful performance for/to the Lord in accordance to His Word.
Now, I don't understand what you disagree with. Please tell me as I may not have been plain enough in my post.

Our Reasoning Causes Problems
This is the perfect question because the answers reveal the attitude and displays the real answer.
Everyone has answered from reason/thinking. That is part of SLC_guy answer. Yes, God did create each one of us to think. Adam and Eve were created to think. But, look at what they thought. God says some things about our thoughts. Read Phil 3:12-19. Notice how thinking is OK as long as the thoughts are correct v19.
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Our Reasoning Causes Problems
Cond #2-->
We are to present our bodies as a sacrifice to God by changing our minds Rom 12:1-2.
Phil 2:5 tells us to have the mind of Christ.
You see, your mind and thoughts affect your will and attitude toward the things of Christ.
Many have and do live by their own thoughts but is when they change their minds they begin to get things right.
Hebrews 11 has a list of some who did.

Who Is Joseph Campbell
# 3..
So sorry Cliff I just remembered that John also wrote I, II, and III John. So that takes care of the other three books.
I guess you can go back to Joe Campbell and the likes of him and his teachers now.
I perceive that you think his writings are real truth and not symbolic.

Who Is Joseph Campbell
Cond #2-->
The Gospels agree in one another so that leaves 3.
I am not sure which 3 books they are but I am sure you can explain them away in your mind also.
Luke 16 proves there is a Hell, punishment, understanding, desires, reality, emotions and no excape. I explained this to you in your "months" before that you said you never got an answer to.
You just didn't get an answer you could explain away so you conveniently "forgot."

Who Is Joseph Campbell
Cliff let's figure how "Enlightened" you are.
The New Testament contains 27 books. Paul wrote 13 or 14 of them. You reject him.
That leaves 13.
Of those you think Revelation is all symbolic that leaves 12.
Luke and Acts were written by Luke who gave creditability to Paul so you don't trust his writings. That leaves 10.
Matthew was written to the Jews. You are not a Jew you are left with 9.
You have said John didn't mean what he wrote so you have 8.
Cond #2-->

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