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How To Open An Orphanage
This is great that you want to start an orphanage in Zimbabwe! That is exactly what I want to do! My life long dream! Yes go for it!!!! You can do it the world needs a change and with God you can do all things! God has placed this dream in your heart don't ignore it or put it out but instead build on to it! Keep relying on God he will make a way for you- stay strong-persevere- and trust in him with all your heart!!!!! You've got potential use it for his glory!..... We should chat and talk about Zimbabwe this is sooo cool! God bless!

Take A Mans Last Name
Addressing: Mr. John Jones & Ms. Jane Jensen, or names in reverse order. It really doesn't matter who's first. I use Mom's maiden name, because it better reflects my Danish heritage. Someone asked my hubby if I took his name and he said "no she did not, I'm still Mr. Jones, and I did not take hers away from her either." He's awesome! It's the " & " between our names that really connects us. That, and our matching wedding bands.

Does God Keep His Promises
No where in the bible does it say, do it this way or I won't answer. He should help everyone that believes, not just chosen ones. Nobody has a good enough reason why God helped them and not someone else. We are all sinners, but deserve the same amount of God's love as the next person due to Jesus dying on cross, so why doesn't he help everyone that has faith in Him without "secret" reasons why. If he's the same today as he was yesterday, why doesn't he show himself, heal the sick,finanacially fix things for believers, and just make things better. WE've suffered enough, we have faith, why doesn't He do what he says He will do ? How can people continue to have faith if HE never comes through with His promises I mean really?

Who Are Christadelphians
Hi all, I am a Christadelphian, I have been brought up as one, and find some comments on here highly disrespectful to what I believe. We are not a 'cult' we are a community who have gained an in-depth understanding of the word of life, through many years of searching and have come to find what we believe is the truth within scripture. We are very different to the majority of Christians as we dont believe in the trinity, heaven and hell or a personal devil, as this is not taught in scripture. We also believe that it is not just 'living a good life' that will get you into the book of life, as quite a few Christian denominations do, but believing the correct doctrine and searching out the truth for yourself is essential for salvation.

Enoch's Writings Missing
You don't need the book of Enoch to learn more about Enoch. Look up the Book of Jasher, also referenced in the Old Testament twice.
Enoch was very knowledgable and wise and taught his wisdom before riding off in a chariot of fire!

Where To Find God's Word
My husband puts it like this. Going to church is like going to a restaurant. I like Mexican food. If he takes me to an italian restaurant, I will be fed, but I wont enjoy the food as much as I would at the Mexican restaurant.
So it is with church 'style'. Find a church home that preaches/teaches the Word of God. All the other stuff is just seasoning. :)

We do not attend a church. We home church with out 5 children and have a weekly supper on sunday nights where a few families from our neighborhood come and eat. We fellowship, the children play, and everyone is filled and spirits are lifted.

Follow Traditions Versus God
While I agree with you that the Sabbath is on Saturday, the Sabbath is a day of rest, NOT a day of worship.
The early church met on Sunday, the "Lord's Day" as a commemoration of His resurrection. They joined together in homes, not large multi-million dollar buildings, and ate a meal together, broke bread, observed the bread and the wine 'in remembrance' of Christ's promised return.
The early church would have been coming together for the evening meal EVERY Sunday, AND observing the 'Lord's Supper' as a portion of that meal, not as a separate act.
That is man's tradition. Read the scriptures (Acts) to learn more about how the early church met and worshipped. We do it all wrong.

Halloween Costumes For Christians
As a kid growing up in a Traditional Baptist home in the deep South,born in 1957 all the kids everywhere were dressing up for halloween, it was just something fun to look forward to at the end of October. We would all have fun making our costumes not a lot to buy at that time, no different than making a dress for the prom, or planning a special date, it's all make believe!!! Mainly for Kids, a day to have fun walking around with every one else looking and laughing and sometimes yes a bit scary but we all new it was just make believe and we wanted to ring the door bell and get a re-action from who ever opened the door.

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
I am a christian and i have faith that I will have a child. To me, it doesnt matter whether its through IVF or natural - all that matters is that god has given me the desire for a child and it will happen. I am only 26 and have tried the natural way for over 5 years. We have been doing IVF for 6 months now and have had 2 miscarriages. Those who say IVF is for impatient people with no faith have obviously never tried it or had to wait for a child....Its the most trying thing i've ever done and if anything has strengthened my faith more than anything. I havnt had sucess yet but i will. James - i sincerely hope you never have this happen to you as it appears you a very quick to judge other people.

What Are Some Anger Scriptures
Please read James 1:1-27. The ending is particularly helpful (19-27). My brother is going through some tough times and his anger (while I can understand why he gets angry) isn't helping the situation. Anger (no matter how justified) makes everyone blind to the real problems. If you can read this passage and work on your anger, healing can begin. I will absolutely keep you and your needs in my prayers.

Pastor Lies About Affair
There is no guess work involved here. He needs to be fired and run off bc he is a liar and adulterer which is not acceptable behavior for any office in the house of God. Leah

Did God Inspire The Bible
2Timothy 3:16

Bible is God's Breath

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Well, maybe she cuts because she caused someone emotional pain. Maybe she thinks she needs physical pain to make up for the emotional pain she brought upon someone else.

Christians Know The Anti-Christ
If Holy Spirit is "HE" who restrains & "HE" is out with "Part 1" Bride-who's saved later? "No man can come to the Father except.."
"Restrainer"=Michael(Dan.12:1)Revelation speaks of fighting between them. Jesus said he'd be with us til the end of the age-not 7 years before.How? Through His Holy Spirit. He left so the "Comforter" could come?

Yes, we'll be here and we'll see the Antichrist and we'll have BIG choices to make.

Explain Left Behind Books
Just because they invite you to Christ does not mean the rest is true. The devil is very cunning. If he can get some untruth in, than he can take more and more. I'll stick with the Bible. We have to pray for wisdom in these evil times. Just ask God and believe that you will receive it and it will be given to you. If you doubt, you will receive nothing.

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