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Believe Catholics Or Christians
2. Yet, Ishmael was a stranger to the covenant, while Isaac was the heir of the promise. Yet one of them will take up his inheritance with God, and the other will sell his birthright for a morsel of meat. Isaac was given to his parents by the Lord. This is a grave distinction, and marks off the true child of God from him who is only so by profession. The question for everyone is; how were you converted? Was it by yourself, by the persuasion of men, by carnal excitement,

Do Sinners Go To Heaven
4. "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteouness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us." In 1 John 1:8 John knew there were false teachers in the church. Not only did the false teachers walk in darkness (sin v. 6) but went so far as to deny totally the existence of a sin nature in thier lives.

Can We Sin All The Time
4. Christ Himself, and He tells you how He will sustain you, make you to stand, teach you, seal you, and you still want to depend on man and not God. The story is about Him, what He can do, not man's. You are good with knowledge but you need understanding to put everything together. You have so much in your head to teach, but you need to reconsider and take it from the beginning.

Is This Person Really Saved
Mima, only God can see the heart. I believe you have asked that question before. "how does anyone know if someone is saved" Eloy has taken that one a long ways and that is only possible by God himself. Our opinions are only our opinions.

Who Is David Hunt
Moderator, I totally agree with you. I have read much of his work. In correspondence about his book, he has complained that he is "mystified" by the arguments for God's sovereignty in salvation. He often appeals to common sense and rational arguments(rather than the Bible) to make his points about the character of God-as if he has forgotten that Scripture, not human wisdom, is the means by which God has revealed Himself to us.

Explain Revelation 14:6-7
Mima, I agree with Rebeca. That in the time of the tribulation An angel is making the call for people to repent and come to Christ. Verse 6, Midst of heaven; "from a Greek term (mid-heaven) denoting the point in the noonday sky where the sun reaches its Zenith. This is the highest and brightest point, where all can see and hear. The everlasting gospel; The angel is preaching the good news concerning everlasting life and entrance into the kingdom of God

Once Saved Always Saved
Emcee, I believe you need to understand this facts. You do not know the time when Christ will call your name. Don't you want to make sure? Instead of looking for things to defend your Church, you should be looking for the Truth. We are saved by the grace of God and not by anything we do. Check it out, the Bible does not lie. Jesus Christ is our one and only Mediator, and His promises are true because He does not lie. Just make sure, that is all I ask Emcee, as your friend.

If God Is Love Why War
2. In Scripture God has wiped out nations, but always with a purpose. Maybe those people would have stopped what God had planned through Christ. what was prophicised of Christ from the beginning came true, He made sure of that. The devil and his demons have been trying from the beginning to distroy our Redeemer, our salvation would have not been possible. God sees death and life differently then we do. We see a loss and God sees a gain. We see a death and He sees a life.

Adultery Wife Wants Back
Mike, I believe that God will deal with everyone differently. No one case for God is the same for every marriage has its differences. Sin always bring consequences and many get hurt through sin, Even Christians. No one knows what is ahead for her and for you but God. God knows her heart and how resentful she is and knows even what your motive was to put the question to others. Only He knows how He will answer. We can only give our opinions but cannot speak for God.

Baptised In The Holy Spirit
Hello sister Dory, You are right in your answer to brother Herb. It isn't a matter of getting the Holy Spirit again and again because we get Him one time. It is allowing the Spirit who is already in us to manifest Himself in our lives more. That is what I meant. Just that. I mentioned yelding to the Spirit because that is what we have to do. We don't need anything outside Himself to make us better Christians, we need to put more in the relationship that we already have.

Who is Hank Hanegraaff?
2. the language barrier." Today as never before cultists of all stripes are using Christian terminology while pouring their own meanings into the words, in the process sometimes fooling even conservative evangelical leaders. I can see that people are unwilling to change due to what they have learned through many that twist the word of God. The Research has tapes movies and sermons of all that teach and they check everyone to defend the Christian faith.

The Book Of Philip Discovered
2. Now using many commentaries is very helpful to understand what was happening at the time someone spoke and what were the conditions at the time. They are good helpers for the believers. I understand many just read the bible, but there are many things in there that if we don't get the whole concept we can take a passage and be misled. There is many good authors out there that God has gifted to be there for us. Let your spirit discern which ones you feel will help you in your walk with the Lord.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
No problem Helen, keep the good work you are doing. I have seen you all over the place. Blessings

Why Is America Still In Iraq
If the final decision for the salvation of fallen sinners were left in the hands of fallen sinners, we would despair of all hope that anyone would be saved. you and I and all Christians should be so thankful that we are chosen and brought to the light. We have nothing to show for ourselves because of the person we once were. But our love for Christ is the testimony of our hearts. The question is, "what is wrong of God creating faith in the heart of the sinner?"

Was Eve Innocent Of The Crime
8. The author of Genesis tells us that "She saw that the fruit of the tree was ...desireable for gaining wisdom." In essence she swallowed the devil's lie. Here is why. Although this may seem like a less significant point in the temptation process, it is perhaps the most crucial. In effect, by accepting Satan's statement, Eve was calling God a liar, even though she might not have recognized those implications of her action. She accepted Satan as the truth-teller and God as the prevaricator:

Can You Lose Your Salvation
5. If God wants something to happen and tells us He does what He pleases, doesn't it please Him to protect His sheep?
6. So many hear God's word and make a commitment, why do they turn and walk away?
7. If God is sovereign why does it seem like the Devil is winning?
8. Is God in control in our salavtion or are we in control?

Can We Sin All The Time
2. I have read most of your postings and answers and you mention many times about how God could not created a world without free will and that we would be robots and you place this believe in even the lost. You go as far as saying that it would not be fair for God to do that to man. You hold all your believes in free will as if man was in control and not God. You tend to forget that when all is said and done after the judgment and we are all with Christ, there will be no sin. no more free will. why?

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