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Gift Of God Is Free
According to Jesus , the workers should be paid for their work by the receiver of the Word of God.
Also a person has the right to pay any one for their services any sum they deemed fair. It is no one's say but the giver.
Your sisters faith will be blessed.. It was in her heart to believe and share her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. the seed is the Word of God it will
Not return void.

Will God Destroy Pork Eaters
I find it hard to believe there are people who thing this is a valid question.

Condemning Christians
"Do not do to your brother that which you would not have him do to you."

It's really very simple, yet sometimes very difficult.

Should Spankings Be Illegal
Moderators! Should usnavydad's blog have gotten through???

Please read.

Why So Much Suffering
Hi Elder, I don't know if he's depressed. He claims to still enjoy life, appreciates the good life he has. But really, how can someone be really happy if he's lost the most important belief of his life?

No Anthority Over A Man
James, excellent point! There are many instances in the bible where women are put down. Jesus never did such a thing. Thanks for speaking up.

Unity = Peace

No Anthority Over A Man
What are you arguing about? Don't you know that we are all equal in the eye of God? It is insulting to read your explanation of why Jesus chose men to be His apostles. Jesus chose men because men believed themselves to be superior, and ran the world.

Done a great job of it.

Why So Much Suffering
Thanks to all who responded. I know of a man who spent his life learning ancient languages to better interpret the bible. He was a minister and a scholar. He became stumped when it came to understanding suffering, and lost his faith. Pity.

I agree, the struggles all of us face in life help us to learn and grow. Praise God!

Accommodate Islamic World
Religious wars solve nothing.

Two thousand years after the resurrection of Jesus, who came to earth to preach the good news, we must know that. It's time to realize that intolerance solves nothing. Kindness, smiles, and extensions of friendship are the only ways to peace--the Peace of Christ.

Engaged In Spiritual Warfare
The 'spiritual warfare' experiences I've been given have shown me the depth of my love for God. Before the 'war', my conscious self was ignorant. Now, I have a much greater understanding of how much I owe God, and what God has done for all of us. I learned I was willing to die for the love of God. If I hadn't experienced it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it.

My Infant Son Died
Dear Frances,

You are a class act. We don't agree on some things, but I respect you sister.

Love, Deb

Church Practices Paganism
From the research I've done, it's because the Emperor Constantine merged pagan rituals and holidays with Christian beliefs to reduce bloodshed, and unite people.

Am I A Prophet Of God
TobiahToby, I have some advice. Don't rush into action. Think things over. Talk to someone you trust. If you are truly hearing the voice of God, chances are very good that you are hearing the voice of Satan as well, and he is slick. Write down what you are hearing, and look it over again in a day or two. Does it sound completely loving and kind? Is it ever impatient and demanding? Take things slowly. God bless you.

Does God Use People Today
Absolutely! God has not changed!

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