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Are There Demonic Spirits
buddy? the short answer is hell no im sorry to say. its called mental illness. i thought i was possessed and so did the church they did what they did, and it didn't work, well it did, but the only thing that could solve it was medication.

im sorry to say you shouldnt ask these questions as people like those above will tell you junk.. im sorry to say there are no such thing as a demonic spirit that has the ability to possess a human being.

hope this helps and im quite angry at those who left comment regarding this issue on a kids question blog. i think that's a horrible thing to do to a kid.

i apologize for their stupidity

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
wow two weeks with no other thoughts, what do you think is it that possible i am right or do you all think that i am just that crazy.

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
the second woman (great prostitute)is also telling us her name she sits on seven nations has domination over the kings, arrayed in purple, and scarlet and adorned in gold, and jewels, and pearls and a cup of abominations and impurities of "her" sexual immorality. also she glorified her self and lived in luxury and in heart she says i sit as a queen, i am no widow so mourning shall i never see. yet she falls in a single day death mourning and famine as she is burned with fire. this looks just like banking system that is on the verge of global mount down, no money no food no food very sick simple

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
alex has one the best thoughts on revelations i have read in a long time as far as the man child being a seed of renewed god conciousness. i have recently came the conclusion, the galaxy is the woman. google pictures of the galaxy. many ancient civilizations called the center of the galaxy the womb. the mayan calender ends 12/21/2012. on that at sun rise the sun crosses the canter of the galaxy, as seen from earth. now through the moon in the picture, and you will actually see a great woman in the the sky clothed with the sun, moon at her feet and a crown of twelve stars

Do Prophets Exist Today
Yes, the seer's must hide for the church still seeks to destroy the 12 and one.for in the 12 lay's the truth about the one.

Why To Keep The Law
"keeping the law for love or salvation"
Jesus says: "if you love me keep my commandments" not "if you want to go to heaven keep my commandments" Jesus wants a personel relationship with YOU" for him to know you and you to know him. so that when we are face to face we will know each other. we dont want to be face to face and be found wanting. this simply means do you love me and want to keep my commandments or do you just want to get to heaven.

Jesus Crushing Satan's Head
Yes, satan brused Jesus' heal when Jesus was put through the beatings and was crucified on the cross. but in doing this Jesus crushed the serpants head (satan) by dying for everyones sins. before jesus took over this world. lucifer was the prince of this world by decieving adam and eve. (read about when jesus was tempted in the wilderness by satan)then jesus took it back to seal lucifers fate in the lake of fire.

When Should A Women Be Submissive
this is a tough one, too. each individual couple will handle it their own way. i think as long as the 2 of them agree, it's all good. God does say many times that the man is the head of the home, designating him as the leader. but i know many couples who are the opposite, just by their personality traits. the women are born leaders and the men are more quiet and settle to follow. i think however works for them, and keeps the peace. just follow God's Leading and the Holy Spirit Annointing.

We Should Have Pity On Judas
i feel a bit of both ways. in the martin scorsese movie called, The Last Temptation of Christ, it imagines that Judas only did what Christ Himself asked him to do, even though he did not want to. then again, God has given man the freedom to choose (free will). so until we get to Heaven, i believe we will not truly know the answer to this, and much, much more.

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