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The Time Of Trouble

Sorry ax & kat, but I didn't hear a response, so I'll ask again:

So, are you and the ax on the pro-abortion side now with your rioting freak-show Dem friends?

How about your support of the pedophile-supporting SCOTUS appointee Katanji?

Do you side with your LGBTQ friends supporting "Pride Month"?

It's not possible to be both a Christian and a Democrat.

Keep The Sabbath Holy

Katty: "This is just one of MANY Jerry says it's OK today to practice."

There you go breaking another of God's 10 Commandments - bearing false witness. You know full I never said any such thing.

My problem with you is that you claim exemption from the 10 that God wrote, so how do you expect to keep the 613?

Are you exempt from murder, adultery, idol worship, etc. or just the one Commandment that God commanded us to remember?

The Time Of Trouble

katty: "Jerry, watch the Jan 6th hearings."

Why? Just a continuation of the false allegations (LIES) that have gone on for 5.5 years. Every assertion against Trump has been shown to be false. A total witch hunt.

Why don't you watch the movie 2000 Mules? There's plenty of hard evidence to show a rigged election in 2020.

So, are you and the ax on the pro-abortion side now with your rioting freak-show Dem friends?

The Time Of Trouble

ax: You can't seem to escape the leftist brainwashing you've experienced. You have nothing but leftover Dem talking points and can't see that our fine country is being systematically destroyed. No one was given bleach for covid - it was hydroxychloroquine - a completely different substance. You probably still think that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election, and supported the multi-year investigation which yielded nothing, as well as the multi-impeachment charade which also flopped. But then again, you lefties don't care about truth, do you? Do you also support the leftist attacks on SCOTUS for overturning Roe v Wade and NY gun laws?

The Time Of Trouble

katty: Are you actually defending brain-dead Biden while calling me demented? The whole world knows that he is a joke who is handled by B.O. My memory is still good enough to remember $1.85/gal gas when Trump was in office compared to $5.00+/gal now, and $2.00/stud lumber under Trump vs. $14.00/stud now.

Do you actually defend the anti-SCOTUS rioting Dems. You have to support abortion to defend them.

You are on the wrong side. CHANGE! before it's too late.

Keep The Sabbath Holy

katty: It is YOU & ax who cherry-pick the law. God only wrote 10 - you add the handwriting of ordinances nailed to the cross. Have you ever tried JUST obeying God rather than writing your own Bible?

Keep The Sabbath Holy


Then you are LAWLESS!

Do you admit that you lie, steal, murder, commit adultery etc.

Rom 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

katty: "I do Jerry. I keep them IN LOVE. And Jesus is my sabbath rest, I keep 24/7/365."

Sweet sentiment, but not Biblical. Jesus wrote with His own finger in stone how you should keep His Ten Commandments. Why do you fight Him so?

The Time Of Trouble

Dear Commies:

In the words of Ronald Reagan: Are you better off now than you were 2 years ago? Not me. Not anyone I know. Gas and food prices/shortages are killing us.

Why was Trump so good at making life better for everyone? Let's hope we get him back again.

Keep The Sabbath Holy

katty: You know full well that God only wrote 10 Commandments. You could at least try to keep them.

Keep The Sabbath Holy

ax & katty: I repeat:

Which of the other Commandments do you claim don't apply to you?

Keep The Sabbath Holy

ax: "10C were written to ISRAEL, not the whole world - otherwise God would have given copies to everybody else."

That's just plain silly. The Bible doesn't say that. It says that a mixed multitude (non-Israelites) were present at Mt. Sinai. I'll bet even YOU have a copy in your Bible, you just choose to disobey.

Which of the other Commandments do you claim don't apply to you?

The Time Of Trouble

michael e: I also have owned guns since I was 9 years old, and I am now in my 70's. I have never shot anyone. So much for the leftist theory that guns are the problem.

ax: The ONLY reason for anyone to object to voter ID is in order to cheat - as the Democrats did in the 2020 election.

If you Commies don't like our Constitution, why don't you move to the Commie country of choice? We Americans like our Constitution - including the 2nd Amendment.

Keep The Sabbath Holy

As much as our liberal friends would rather it did not, the Bible throughout affirms that God means exactly what He says. This is certainly the case with the Ten Commandments, being the only section of Scripture written by God Himself with His own finger.

What a pity these folks will never know the blessings that God gives His children when they enter in to HIS rest unless they try obedience.

The Time Of Trouble

katty: "Yikes Jerry. Cars weren't invented to mutilate humans. AR15 and AK47 are."

Just when I think that you lefties can't get any crazier, you do. You obviously know nothing about guns, and probably think that AR stands for Assault Rifle (it doesn't).

Please explain exactly how more gun legislation would have prevented the Uvalde massacre.

As for cars, have you forgotten the car that ran down the Christians at the Easter parade?

The Time Of Trouble

ax: Hollywood actors are not experts in reality. Actually, they are the opposite. Have you ever seen the damage done by cars to the human body? Do you think that all cars should be banned?

Think about that for a moment. NOBODY needs cars that can turn humans into hamburger. NOBODY.

Stupid remark!

What good would more gun laws do? They didn't stop this guy, nor do they stop the thousands of murders annually in Dem-controlled gun-free cities.

I'm glad a gun was used to kill the perp. Too bad the cops didn't storm the perp an hour earlier!

Keep The Sabbath Holy

another Bible-defying theory, axey?

Keep The Sabbath Holy
ax & kat: I'm fascinated by your continual inventions to explain your hatred of God's Commandments. Nowhere does the Bible condone the breaking of the Ten Commandments (defined as sin), or even hint at supplanting Sabbath with another day of the week.

You claim that you keep Sunday because of the resurrection, but the Bible clearly states that the Disciples kept the Sabbath exclusively and gives no hint of keeping Sunday to memorialize the resurrection.

You have also claimed that Sunday is justified by the many apostates that switched in the early centuries AD.

Here's what the Bible says:
Act 5:29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

I'm with Peter!

Living In The End Times

Yes, these are the end times. It won't be long until Jesus returns to resurrect the dead and take his children to heaven with Him. Things have never been so bad as they are under the current illegitimate regime in America. The immorality has increased to the level "as in the days of Noah [or] Lot."

But the 2nd coming will NOT be secret. Every eye will see Him, it will be like lightening from one end of heaven to the other. Jesus will give a loud shout that raises the dead who are caught up together with the living saints to meet Him in the air - no SECRET there!

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

Katty: Name one person I "have run off by calling them Communists". The American Democrat Party is now the American Communist Party by any objective measure, and if you support them and their ideals, you ARE a Communist. You're just not used to being called on it.

Let's go Brandon!

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