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Christians Missing Joy
Oh, most definitely. It's normal to be depressed or lonely every now and then, but we do not have to live in it. We don't always recognize the spiritual strongholds in our lives, or even realize we are being hindered by them. Once we truly know who we are in Christ, and cast off those strongholds, that's where God's joy can permeate (sp?) our lives.

My Husband Is Lazy
I'm guessing by your age he is also young? If so, he needs time to grow up and mature into a godly man. Keep him in prayer, be patient with him, and force him to grow up. That is, don't enable him to remain a "kid". Make him look for his own jobs. I realize sometimes it is easier to just do the foot work for him, but he has to learn to stand on his own two feet.

Slain In The Spirit
I have experienced God's presence so great that I could barely stand, but I've also experienced a man's hand pushing against my forehead in an earnest attempt to slay me himself. I think the important thing is to be open to the Holy Spirit moving how he chooses in order to receive complete healing or blessing in your life. That said we should never try to conjure (sp?) up something in order to impress others or convince ourselves that God is at work.

Are Women More Spiritual
Ah, no. Women, in general, tend to be more relationship-oriented than the men. Thus seeking out emotional bonds with those they love outwardly and openly. Granted, not all women are like this, but most of us are. This being said, it is quite possible that women appear to be more spiritually-minded or equipped simply because they show their emotions more openly. Cont.

Are Women More Spiritual
I have noticed in my own life that the spiritual gifts God has given me often (but not always) compliment my personality traits or talents. So being I'm outgoing it's only natural for me to encourage someone with my words or a hug or something. My husband on the other hand may pray for them on his own and then feel prompted to do something for them, such as give them money, anonymously. We are both still acting upon our spiritual nature, but mine is more prevelent to onlookers. Cont.

Are Women More Spiritual
So does this make me the more spiritual one because it's something visible? No way. If anything he was the more spiritual one in this situation in that he sought out the Lord in prayer, and then acted on what he felt prompted to do. The difference being, he didn't get rewarded by man for being "nice". (I hope I was able to get my point across, short answer would be, no, of course not.)

Live With Divorced Person
As you can see we all have slightly differing opinions when it comes to divorce. The fact that you are even wondering if it's a sin could mean this situation doesn't quite sit well with you. This is where one needs to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to be your Counselor, as Jesus told us he would be. Search the scriptures, and wait on the guidance and wisdom from above. To be cont.

Live With Divorced Person
I realize my blog sounds rather vague (sp?), but there really is no better wisdom than that from above, and God will give wisdom to those who ask for it. Cling to God. Abide in him, and he will abide in you. It starts with prayer and searching the scriptures for truth. Let God lead your steps. It will be challenging at times, and confusing at first, but so worth the search in the end.

Bought Roses For Girlfriend
I agree with Jack on this one.

Huckabee For President
Although I voted for Huckabee, I'm not convinced he is strong enough to deal with the antics of the government. Hillary on the other hand, I believe she COULD get things done, but would they be things I agree with? I don't know...I do like Obama's spirit, but he's very idealistic the critics say. But maybe America needs a little idealism these days, and someone with the gusto to fight for it.

Blogging Views Changed
I must admit, others' blogs have not changed my views at all, and I tend to run from the arguments and debates, but this site has taught me to be wiser with my words. In a world with so many different opinions, it's nice to find common ground in Jesus (not theology, but a relationship with our Creator and Lord).

Do I Let My Wife Go
If this is your desire, you are certainly within right to do so, but that's really only a question you yourself can answer. You know the details of your marriage. What do you think?

Suffered From Depression
Are you trying to sell us happy pills? :op

Pastor's Wife Wants Affair
If you are the person she wants to have the affair with, and she won't let up after you've given her a firm no, then yes, I personally would tell the Pastor "I'm leaving the church, and thought you should know why...". But that's just my opinion. You have to do what the Holy Spirit instructs you to. Whether you tell him or not, I WOULD make sure I steered clear of her as best I could.

Will God Bless My Affair
My guess is no. God takes vows seriously. When a man and woman get married they become one flesh. If you were to reconcile the relationship with your wife, God would bless that relationship. Repenting is not simply saying I was wrong, but it's saying I was wrong and am no longer going to live that way. Reconciliation to your wife would, in my opinion, show true repentence.

Is Dating Okay With God
Dan, I personally think you have it half right. God doesn't want you to rush into another serious relationship with a woman. However, I have to admit I do believe it's wishful thinking on your part in saying God wants you to play the field. God wants you to seek HIM, not uncomplicated dates. Only he can fill that void in your heart. Why not dig into the word and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom in this area? God bless.

Christian Bumper Stickers
I think it causes unnecessary discord among the church body, and makes for a bad witness to unbelievers. We are to be set apart from the world in our behavior, and to love one another. Besides, last time I checked God didn't play favorites.

Husband Asked To Step Down
It's quite possible that the Pastor felt your husband needed some time to get his house in order. If a man cannot lead his household, how is he to lead the church body? Rather than getting upset and hurt over the Pastor's decision, think of it as a release from certain obligations in your life allowing you the time and privacy to deal with the issues in your relationship. The Pastor cannot strengthen your relationship, only God can. Perhaps the Pastor was trying to nudge you in God's direction...

How Do You Like To Pray
Why not? Sometimes I pray in my head, other times I pray out loud. It's not as if you are praying on the street corner for everyone to hear how righteous you are. You are simply communicating with the Lord in a way that speaks to your spirit.

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