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Is Joel Osteen Biblical
You know family, I was really at a bad moment seriously, I recall someone telling me write to.him and you will see how he will get in touch, help you give you good advice..Bam, nothing!
My letters twarted to who knows?
YET few years later he wrote me please send $$$!!!!
Yes,pray for yourself,and others better off, you are a real.person
Not a face full of happy maybe's
God can't use a "yes man" and he don't need a motivator.He is God all by himself..he don't need imitators, that the devil's type of foolishness..
Thanks, for posting this!
Love of Jesus!

Cures For Sleep Walking
Hello,1st (give respect to) our Bro.Steveng, so glad you here, missed your posts, you gave me good advice & yes, still praying God help me my condition/situaton. Re: sleep walking,my ex had a bad habit (he actually be sleep walking go inside the fridge,make a sandwich,mayonaise,etc) close the fridge eat & then some how crawl into nothing I ever saw... get again through the
night,repeat .... gave me the creeps!
I was young then, they gave him some meds...PAMOLAR made him violent...worse!
Yes,prayer & fasting best bet! Lidia4796

Shaved Head And Tattooed
Hello,Bro.Jed ( with all respect)
I can ask are you aware of the suffering of the jewish people,among others who also, in lew of the horrible killings of these people( related to of coarse the Swatika? ) we talking about also, maybe you may not realize it may offend yes,your testimony as for be called a Christian. We know of you on here, no issue. However, sometimes people assume alot and can possible be maybe a certain need you are calling out this attention, I would be concerned also,for your safety ... we live in different time. I would concern for you
Safety... just a thought, you do not to agree... love of Jesus! Lidia4796

Chemicals Make Us Evil
Family, as I read the below post of the Servant, not know if he still around.
( I say this with all respect)
I believe
Some, people are born
or Later so became emotionally disabled to the point
they are not mentally, able to function at any level to know & be aware of their "sins or bad things" this is possible, they could be so far gone mentally they do not know right or wrong nor what is inappropiate .. I believe maybe God in His mercy, forgives them, maybe has a special dept. In heaven for them...just a thought!
Responses welcome
We learn from one another,bless us to be helpers,share knowledge not hatred... thankyou,Moderators!
Love of Jesus!

Grammer And Spelling
Hello,Bro.Warwick, thankyou,(with all respect) yes,it threw me for a "loop" when the specialist told me years ago,
you going to loose left eye,had 6 surgeries, God good all the same.

We all got something, that's life! Please continue to encourage others,may the Lord bless you & your of Jesus! Lidia4796

What's Up July 2013
Hello,having alot of trouble with my android,some one gets in locks it & for hours and it got me,frustrated. It just awfull,how someone can take over your fon or computer. Please remember me in your prayers. It's weird, I have no photos in here.Thankyou all,very much, will also,remember everyone in of Jesus! Lidia4796

What Is Bipolar Disorder
ModeratorPermit- thankyou, Prayer:Trish, Lord Father Almighty,
We come
humble we can &
ask you give
grace,wisdom,skill to the surgeon,staff during operation/recovery for our Trish. We ask you let you son Jesus be with Trish ,never leave her side.In you we find hope,peace joy even in the midst of illness,you are still there.Calm what ever fears Trish may have, we thankyou now & forever. In Jesus name.amen

Grammer And Spelling
Thankyou,Bro.Mark, it takes a while because as you know I am legally blind, you will not believe how long it takes to go over, and over. Make sure the spelling. So that an issue.However I thank God He allows me to see at all, I have a neighbor who is totally blind and he has a hard time, get someone go with him and shop. God bless us all, His love is AMAZING! Stick with The Son the best is yet to come! Smiles! Love of Jesus!

Wear Hats In Church
Well,in N.Y.C. my fond memories ,the most sincere lovable church people,we went to a home church,

They so kind,
every church in N.Y. extend love to the "street people" get prostitutes off the streets, put them front row,( Cover them up with big long shawls)
the older women sit with them ,disciple them, treat them with love,all converted! Nobody bother or mistreat them.

How To Deal With Fear
Hello,Sis.Rita ,yes, presently cancer,other ailments, I had alot bad experiences, so refuse any more treatment!

Love post by monkbrennan, I believe the name (post he had MRSA,etc, ) very happy got better, praise God!

I tried go for some dentistry work, Chemo left me lots cavities,skin problems.. no dentist wants see me / high risk for side effects from Chemo & dental procedures high risk, for more problems, My doctor avised
wait least 3 years.
I will be ok by faith
Heb.11:1 .thankyou for this blogg, love of Jesus! Lidia4796

Attack Of The Church Demon
Hello,just a tidbet,the breathing problems at church,probably,could be dust mites carpet,blinds(window) asbestos, interior or basement stuff risen, some allergy
( don't be offended) alot of perfumes bother folks. Lord bless you,Not every thing is a demon! Love of Jesus!

Lack Of Respect For Others
Is this turning into a fish fry?

Jed I think he just making a sarcasm, he nice guy in my opinion.
I don't have nothing bad to say about no one..families always have conflicts, as long as the christian love we got to encourage one another. "I like to build up a house not tear it down," of Jesus!

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
If you are able( most countries have some sort domesticViolence unit) it a serious crime ,they are NOT playing either woman/man can be locked up,they are very strict all over the world,too many both women & men get hurt,more killed.They get into the "head as to why they batter?" try the mental health D.V. some depts. Sponsor better than a tough sentence. Just a thought..

Holy Spirit Church Building
Hello,Family ..wonder where is (with all Respect) bro.Steveng ??
anybody seen him on here lately?
miss his posts


Wear Hats In Church
hello,Shira4368, for true
,culture plays a part, because I can remember in the Spanish for years if you went with a big hat,dressy fancy like sisters in church you would have been maybe even put out! years ago because it was consider "obstentatious" like in the bible dressing to get attention, that how they saw it..back in early 60's to the early 90's Now, in the midwest
You could not wear pants! either,it changed.

Drawing Line On Sin
To Char , blessing to you my Sister up this morning commend you on your post 7-14-13, think it really strikes a good message for both the believer & the sinner. Thankyou, so much, it is power online...strengthen the people of God , you are a Sister not a lot (smile) a words, but your teachings about God always heartfelt, encouraging & it's a joy to have you on of Jesus! Lidia 4796

Grammer And Spelling
Hello Shira4368,,yes,Steve Harvey from the old neighborhood when my family moved herr.He is on youtube,gave his testimony how people try to put him down, the rich religious folks who feel he is not "christ like" He actually ,poor man broke down in tears,He does TV but He loves Jesus! People are too, judgemental, he said God been His help through all his life! I cried,too. It was so,touching! God bless you all.

Loving To Kill In War
Hello ,Brothers(With all respect) re:Shira4368,she makes a good point when she said " not everyone has experienced the power of God."Here,lately, thank the Lord I have been winessing to aethiests, and they are completely "spiritually blind" for example I tell them,you don't realize God wakes you up, and or keeps you,allows you life,etc... Now,it been through a horrible illnesses,one guy he came to give his heart to God after 3 surgeries..Now,thank God he believes,serving God, inhis old age.
It' a miracle he was really hardcore.
Love of Jesus!

Deliverance Ministry
Anyone,here know much about Deliverance Ministries??
I would like to know more about them
I do not have alot of information, only been one time in my life.
Tell me the basics, any other information. `thanks!
Love of Jesus!

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