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Wine Turning Into Blood
If the wine is to be taken as "blood" literally, then the bread is literal flesh correct? So then in 1Pet.2:24 about Jesus's body on the TREE means there was not a cross but just a tree he was nailed to? So also, the scriptures directing us not to drink blood have been recended by Jesus that we now become as cannibels partaking of literal blood and flesh of a human body? Does this actually make sense or is it something we should all just accept without it matching the other parts of God's word? This one is truely confusing, no? I believe it is a symbolic sacrifice Jesus is making of Himself (as the Lamb of God), not a literal changing of elements.

What Does Perfect Mean
Some believe it was Jesus's appearance on earth. I see scripture looking further out. Note 1Cor.13:12 (just past your quote). When we are face to face with God, we see perfection because then we will be perfect also. Read also 1Jn.3:2. Note this verse was written after Jesus was raptured. So, this and many other scriptures place "perfect" to mean after there is no more sin or a need for prophesy or tongues or other temporal means of communing with God. Face to face, what a rush of energy, what a day that will be. When my Jesus I shall see. When I look upon His face...

Dealing With Troubled Teens
We often blame ourselves and/or God for children not being "normal": Whether that is in behavior, mental capability, or physical distress. (my family has been there). Our recourse was with prayer to seek spiritual help, medical evaluation, and natural medicine. ADD and other so-called disorders has often been linked to food or mineral reactions. Things that help... Changes in diet. Getting away from aluminum cookware (we use cast iron and love it). Cutting down sugar (amazing what contains it nowadays). And having stress free family time (which may cause stress to get started). The problems with teens didn't happen overnight. Neither will the changes.

Why Do You Blog
The large majority of people who subit here are sincere Christians either having questions or offering help (in their way)to others. There is a spirit of caring here that is important to me. While none of us have the total truth (only available from God), much light is shown on His word. This is also a place to perceive what is commonly held as acceptable in religion as well as other venues. This blog is one of the few that has faithful moderators who help keep us better on course as Christians (and not heathens). Blessings to them and all who read and post here for Godly interaction.

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
The "easter bunny" is part of the mix of Christian and pagan worship from the time of Constantine. The two "groups" were each placated by merging the Christian time of celebrating Christ's Resurection AND the pagan worship of reincarnation and sexual fertility. The rabbit for sexuality and the egg for reincarnation. The pagan rituals included orgies and explicit sacrifices to the sun god (vs Son of God) by loss of virginity (vs celebration of the virgin). The rituals today of egg hunts and such is a result of such melding and while it does no harm on the surface, it reeks of idol worship (in my opinion). Back to that "let your yea be yea and your nay be nay"...

Difficulty Accepting Blessings
I believe the resistance is because with acceptance there is responsiblity and a commitment. Even free gifts cause us to be responsible and will often change our lives. Think of what a free car could do for example. Less exercise, more duties, a tool to help others, less excuse to not visit that aunt in another town. I think we must be ready to deal with ourselves being Christians rather just saying we are. Eternal life is a free gift but how we run from it before allowing God to be our Lord and Savior. Just as soldiers have been executed for thinking a field pardon was a trick and rejecting it. (see A.Lincoln)

How To Be A Submissive Wife
Sister, is your church supporting by teaching the Christian walk? Does your husband know his place as head of your household? It is important to know the way God wants us to live. It is imperative you know how to be strong as a wife, not ever weak in God's word. Please read the last Proverb about a woman in God's eye. Strong in faith and marriage, responsible for her part of the marriage, supportive of her husband and his position (if you don't allow him that space, why would he fill it?). Yet, if you feel you have been and done what you should, ask him to seek help for your marriage. Show love even if you have to back away for your protection. (I don't know your situation). If he is willing, seek council in your family walk with God.

Sinners Prayer Unbiblical
I don't know the "sinner's prayer" and personally am concerned that anyone thinks repeating someone elses prayer is helpful. We put stock in the "Lord's Prayer" yet Jesus had just said NOT to pray in vain repetition. He then used the prayer to show what we should include in our prayers to show respect and homage to God. His prayer became a printed prayer in the church for us all to memorize and recite??? I believe we all have the ability to pray our own sinner's prayer (until we are made perfect). I also believe God wants to hear from our spirits and not from a script. Just my understanding.

Wearing Pants To Church
1Tim.2:8-3:15 ends with " you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth". In the O.T. people died just for stepping into the temple improperly or by touching the Ark of the Covenent out of order. "God's house" Paul speaks of is the church we choose to worship Him in. We are a vessel of God. We all ask Him to commune with us especially in church. (Rom.10:14). Most men would not wear a dress BECAUSE it is a woman's garment. Most women are appalled at the prospect. Why must women wear anything they wish? Is there a spirit there? At least consider attire when in worship. We all know the scriptures about it so what else is it?

Why Did Jesus Go To Hell
This question is a matter of interpretation and church dogma. I find no actual scripture for Jesus (or anyone else)going to visit hell nor do I find a place where people are or were in hell. Hell is to be a place of damnation (eternal separation from God by destruction) after judgement. Heaven is a place for God's children to go home to after being passed from judgement into His reward. Many believe Hell itself is a place where people are to live on for eternity. I see them being consumed in a lake of fire. The fire of God is Eternal NOT those burned up in it. Not trying to change churches, just expressing my understanding of the Bible.

Is Cussing Sinful
I suppose when it comes down to the wire, cussing, some drinking, a chew now and then, having long hair on men or short hair on women, wearing inappropriate clothing or even hanging out in a bar is a matter of personal conviction. HOWEVER, there are many references to being an example to all those who look on you as being a Christian. How much harm would it do to refrain from those things listed above? How much harm could it do to a new believer seeing you do them? It comes down to being purified as fine brass or gold in the fire. If it's not God, its slag or ashes...

Overcoming Addictions
Until I believed God would not want me to do something and I was convinced I wanted to walk away from it, it didn't happen. Offer those things to God as burdens you can't handle yourself. Reach a point where you are willing to admit you can't handle (or hide) them. It is a difficult thing for us to realize we are special to God and He would like us to stop hurting our bodies and spirits with those things. Study the Bible to learn who you are as a child of God. Who you REALLY are and you will see why it is important to change. We are to be "come outers" in the world but not OF the world. To shed the crutches we must learn how to walk for God.

Is The Bible Literal
When read as a novel, the Bible is a novel. when read as a manual it is a good one. When you read the Bible as a history of mankind and the earth, it is that also. Where the crunch comes is to believe it is a true telling from BEFORE creation forward 4000 years. Each "book" in the Bible offers truths, history, and spiritual leadership. When I first made an honest attempt to read parts of the Bible, I read it as a book. It was years before I realized it took a step of faith to actually understand what is there. As for me, I believe it is real. I believe my God can create worlds in a nano-second. What we see in the Bible is for our consumption. What God can do is not within our mind's grasp so He helps us with each step we take.

Nationalization Of USA Banks
A Government of the people, by the people, and for the people... Hey didn't the majority of our nation vote for "change"? From each according to his ability and to each according to his need (as dictated by the government). Change the balance of control. Change the holdings of money. Change control of the major corporations from CEOs to government czars. Change the free economy to a national economy. Change the freedom to protect one's property into it's the government's property.
Wow, didn't that happen in Germany before?

Should Christians Have TVs
Difficult question. Knives, guns, cars, explosives, and other "tools" are safe when properly used. Even narcotics have life saving properties when used properly. The real question in my opinion is, "Can I have a TV and it NOT interfere with my Christian walk (worship, witness, prayer-life, etc.)?
Some people turn on the TV when they get up and it stays on until bedtime (or later). Some control planned program times. All things for the glory of God is a good rule to measure by my brothers and sisters.

Are AIG Bonuses Bad
It began with people buying a company's product and stocks. If you know a person is stealing or doing wrong by the Bible, is it right to support them? We the People have a responsibility to make our nation great and uphold morals our country was founded upon. We (as a whole) amass to buy foreign products then complain when there are no jobs. We fall for the ruse that we all need 4 year plus degrees when it has always been the tradesmen (and women) who keep the taxes paid. We get lost in supporting politicians who promise jobs and economic increases for OUR areas without considering the immoral or illegal consequences. Then we blame the crooks who take over companies because it is they who reap the harvest of our laziness.

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