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I Am Complaining About The Blogs
I like this site for blogs. But I am not too agreeable to your treatment accorded to the contributors. I would now not post further questions neither contribute as believe me many learned and well informed contributors are involving in the site. Anyway, I would tell you in Chinese, we divide spirit as , soul and body . is the breath of God and known it as shen jin _S or nervous bible from God. Sorry no Chinese in the blogs.

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
I got myself married this way. But it is I who brought her to church. I must thank the pastor and all the lovely Christian sisters helping out to get her to Christ. So that is to say, all help must be given to him/her to get the potential partner saved. If all efforts fail, he/she is predestined to remain unredeemed. Drop him/her. No statistics, but I think many couples succeeded in this way.

Can We Pray For The Dead
Love is God or God is love. A statement twisted to show that Love is God. What I say 'Jesus is the Bible or Jesus is Bible' meant that 'Bible' is worshiped as an object. That is what I meant 'idolatory'. I thought the remark most appropriate is 'Jesus is in the Bible'.

Predestination a Biblical Teaching
Funny I don't know anyone has mentioned this. Supposing we share gospel to a group of people and some come up for Christ and the rest does not, can I say those turn away are already predestined to condemnation? To know that and yet share with them the Gospel, am I lying or God is lying too when God without qualification says in Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, .......that WHOWOEVER believes on him may not perish, but have life eternal. God cannot be a lying? How can predestination insult God.

Does God Need A Name
Supposing God is around, would or would you not notice Him? So, does He need to have a name. Anyway, most agree that His name is I AM. If this is so, JW will have difficult time for survival. Jehoval is not the name of God, anyone using His name to start any other religion without upholding Jesus as the Son of God and Lord and Savior cannot be believed. But really, God's I AM is not a name like John, James, or Matthew and Luke.

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
It is not easy to find male friends as life partners who are Christians. There is a problem. But I would encourage to go steady with him and get him to church and to accept Christ. According to predestination, if he doesn't turn to Christ, he is predestined to be unsaved, then he cannot be married to. Cut him off and look for another. Don't ever touch him again unless he turns to Christ but he will never be able based on predestination principle.

Can We Pray For The Dead
Check Rev for mention of hell or place of eternal fire where the antichrist and Satan will be cast down. However, if hell mentioned in the Bible is not to be believed, then there is no need to become a Christian. Jesus is the Word of God but to say Jesus is the bible it will be idolatory. We could be persuaded to take bible literally as an object of faith. Notice the Muslim in treating the Koran book. Muslim will harm those who harm the Koran book.

Can We Pray For The Dead
Polytheists believe that or people belonging to worshiping ancestors believe that. How would it be possible for Christians to believe praying for the unsaved dead. But Jesus was in hell according to Peter to preach salvation. Perhaps, there could be someone in there trying to show the dead the way back to God. The parable of the Lazarus and rich man shows no way can the unsaved dead be prayed for.

Explain The Lords Prayer To Me
The importance of this Prayer is Jesus is showing and pointing out to us that God is our Heavenly Father, a Fatherhood relationship scenario. Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are privileged to be accepted as Children of God. John 1. No any other book has shown mankind that truth. Jesus is the truth, way and life.

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