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Halloween Costumes For Christians
CHRISTIANS, need to be SET FREE from the BONDAGE of halloweeen. It is a FORM of Idolatry!! It is a STRONGHOLD, and the WORD of GOD, states we are CALLED out of DARKNESS into the MARVELOUS LIGHT of JESUS!!!

What Is Salvation
Salvation, is GOD, Plan of Redemption to Bring Man back into Right Relationship with HIM! We are called out of Darkness, into the Marvelous LIGHT of GOD, Through CHRIST JESUS! We are only in the FAMILY thorough CHRIST JESUS, at the Name of JESUS every Knee shall Bow and Tongue Confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD to the GLORY of GOD!

False Doctrines In Church
Yes! The Word of GOD, speaks in the Last Days Men will become Lover's of Themselves because There Deeds or Wicked and Evil. Pride will become the Enemy that will Control the Doctrine, and Feel Good Sermons and not Conviction of Sin. Having a form of godliness and denying the Power Thereof: from such away. 2Timothy 3:5

Coworker Has A Bad Mouth
First of All, the Battle isn't yours it Belongs to the Lord. You need to go into Spiritual Warfare on behalf of that lost Soul. I have learned there is a Deeper Hurt and Pain behind the Lashing out. You Need to first of all ask the Holy Spirit to Teach you to Longsuffer. Next You Need to Allow the Holy Spirit to Deal with you on the reason you are getting Offended.

Coworker Has A Bad Mouth
Con't Realize JESUS, was never Offended, but rather the Word of GOD, states to Bless those Who Persecute YOU! Just make sure you continue to let Your Light Shine, so before Men that they may see your Good Works and Glorify Your Father in Heaven! You were Created to Endure the Hardness of the Cross like JESUS! In the end just Remember we Were all Held by a Nail and one day your co-worker story will be a part of your Testimony! To GOD, be the GLORY!!!

What Are The Desires Of Your Heart
The Desires of My Heart is to Love GOD, Profoundly, in the Beauty of Holiness. To Seek the Deep Things of GOD, and to know
him in the Fellowship of his Suffering.My Desire is to Continue to Seek GOD, in the Fullness of the GODHEAD! My Desires is to Totally Yield My Life to GOD, and RENDER all to HIM That I Owe! My Desire is to Continue to have a Lifestyle of Thanksgiving, Praise or Worship in the name of JESUS!

What Is The Trinity
1.GOD, Our Father! Our Creator!
2.Son, In Redeemed! Sacrifice for our Sins!
3.Holy Spirit, in Regeneration! Change come through Conviction by the HOly Spirit. Conviction not Condemnation!
Three Manisfestations One GOD!!! In other Words He Reveals Himself in Three Different Ways, but I am that I am!!! Besides GOD, there is no OTHER!!!

Once Saved Always Saved
Okebram, it is Definitely a Issue! It is just as Rev Herb, stated people think they can Live any way and just say I Repent and it is Lamenting. There is NO HEART TRANSFORMATION!It a Form of Godliness! IN Sincere
Repentance there is a Change and your Lifestyle will Demonstate the Manisfestation POWER of GOD, in your Life. It is Called Regeneration there is a Change What I used to do I am not Comfortable in that Sin anymore. Why? Because I am CRUCIFIED with CHRIST! I no longer LIVE!!!

Seat Of Our Emotions
Thank YOU!!! Alan8869, for COVERING my BLIND SPOT!!!! I did mean Sustain!!!Prov.18
[14] The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?

What Is God's Sovereignty

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Niether!!! Try JESUS, The Lily of the Valley and the Bright and Morning Star!!! The SUBSTITUTE on CROSS for YOUR SINS and MINE!!! He DEMONSTRATED GOOD JUDGEMENT and We as CHRISTIANS or CALLED to be CRUCIFIED with CHRIST!!!

Why Do People Hold Grudges
There is a Spirit of Absalom, that has Crept in The Heart of the one that is holding on to the Grudge! Read about Absalom, the Son of David Which start at 2 Samuel 13 start there and YOU Will Find out Why?

Why Do We Need Faith
So, When the MOUNTAINS come in YOUR LIFE, and YOU just Can't LOOK Past it in the Natural it is in the SPIRITUAL REALM YOU know that GOD, Already made a Way of ESCAPE. You have to BELIEVE Nay in all THINGS FAITH will MOVE any OBSTACLE before you like DEATH, ABUSE, HOPELESSNESS, BETRAYL etc. IN the END have FAITH in GOD!!!

Halloween Costumes For Christians
CHRISTIANS, need to be SET FREE from the BONDAGE of halloweeen. It is a FORM of Idolatry!! It is a STRONGHOLD, and the WORD of GOD, states we are CALLED out of DARKNESS into the MARVELOUS LIGHT of JESUS!!!

Seat Of Our Emotions
Body- World Consious
Soul- Self- Consious- My Mind Remembers all the Hurts, Pain and Abuse etc
Spirit- GOD Consious Has to Overule all because it is the Spirit of the Man that Substains Him in all his Infirmities! When I am Weak I say I am Strong the Spirit of GOD, is Substaining ME!!!!!

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