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Can't Trust My Pastor
Elder: After reading your post I am assuming you are a pastor,minister or something to that nature. If this be true, then my post does not apply to you. But I know what I said is true of some pastors and ministers in the church.It happened to me. And as far as forgiving the pastor and congregants. I did. And I did remove that weight,too. I left that church and never looked back. No church is perfect. I know that, but some churches are better than others. The pastor is not the most important person in the church.Jesus Christ is! He is a servant that should be serving the congregants. Most people do not understand this!This is why they wanted me away from there. I knew the truth.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
I had two sons who seems to be down on me for everything. I tried to share my experiences with them and teach them values and morals in life and they resisted me at every turn.Now along comes someone else,saying the same things I was trying to share with them and they ate it up. My conclusions: they resented me for whatever reasons.As their mom I would not go along with their wrong doings and they did not want to be around me. I guess. Too bad. I feel I did the best thing for them,growing up. Now they are grown, they have a right to be around me or not. If they choose, not to.
So be it. I have done my job as a mother.I feel satisfied.

Strange 44 Year Old Single Woman
Amy I sent a very real message to you on yesterday but it was not posted. I don't play neither do I pull punches. I tell it like it is. It(the comment) must have been too real for this blogsite.

Husband Women With No Job
Usually a man that has a problem with women will show his true colors early in the relationship. Did you have your specs on? Fourteen yrs of marriage and 4 daughters. Why did you give this man, this much of your life? After the first child you should have been concerned about this problem. You don't keep having kid after kid, for a person like this. It only makes it worse in the long run and can possibly ruin five other lives(you and your 4 daughters).

Black Woman Wants White Man
I have heard it said that people sometimes despise their own race and therefore,marry or date outside of it. That is not a very healthy or godly reason to date someone or marry them. People are people. There are many differences in other races. We know this already. But I think people should go out of their way to get to know other races and their culture. Especially christians who are called to love others, as we love ourselves. Prejudice is a terrible character defect. One not easily gotten over. Some people feel one race is superior to another and all of that crap. There is beauty and love in all races.Differences but love can conquer,all.

Driving Men Away From Christianity
This is not surprising. Women have always been the backbone of society. The hand that rocks the cradle,rules the world. Men took a lot of the credit but the woman was the foundation. Without a woman,man would have no motivation factor to drive him on and upward. We all need a motivation and reason for doing things. Women are the motivators. Also men find it difficult to express love and be humble towards a male figure(Jesus Christ)Until he understand this analogy,becoming a christian will continue to be a mystery to him.

Married Brother Is Cheating
Stay out of it! If there is anything for her to know,she will find out. The wife may already know and choose to look the other way.People are not as dumb as we make them out to be,sometimes. Please back off and mind your own business. what is your significant other doing, while you are meddling in another's business? You just might be surprised.

Will Not Forget The Past
If you are not married to him/her drop them like a hot potato. You are going to continue going round in circles with this person. It is going to wreak havoc with your emotions eventually. Find someone who believes you and wants a real relationship. And can love you as you love them.

Is Eating Meat On Friday Evil
The Catholic church has done some very evil and outragous thing to people and their lives. And continue to do so today.The pope,cardinals and other leaders in that religion is going to go through the deepest pits of Hell that no one can even think or imagine. It is going to be a terrible time, one day,for them. They are going to pay very heavily for all of the evil and anguish they have caused in so many unsuspecting lives. They have led throngs of people to Hell. Imparted so many lies,rituals and untruths into peoples lives. I pray they will come to repentance one day, while there is time.

My Man Is Balding And Fat
Loving someone is accepting someone for who they are. Bald head,fat and all. You should not marry him. Your post tells the whole story. You don't truly love this man and are headed for divorce court,even now! You are caught up in the idea of love and marriage not the reality of it all. Marriage is real and is not something to be taken lightly. Your fiancee's feelings should not be trifled with in this way. You would not want to be treated this way. Please don't do this.

Unsaved Did Mighty Work
micha3754: the unsaved are important to God,too. You must remember this : if u are a believer now, you use to be in the same position as the unsaved was. If not for God, we would yet be lost, and sinking in our sins.
Also learn this: the unsaved are sometimes more loving,generous and morally upright than many so-called christians. Please leaving the judging to God. As he has warned us many times. We don't have the ability,skill or know how to judge another. But for God, there go us. The best thing we can do for the unsaved is to pray and be an example to them. Letting our light shine before the unsaved can and will cause them to want we have. Jesus is in control of the rest. Be kinder and more loving toward others. God bless.

Husband Is Controlling
well, we are different we have no $$ but I will say your comment of being miserable says it all! you answered your own question in your question. $ dont buy happiness so you need to realize that someone like me picked up on you realizing your miserable yet you mentioned $$ like your shocked that your unhappy see $$ may be convienent but it cant but=y love my advice to you is find love even if your nails dont get done! true happiness is within your heart not in material things or dollar bills! I garantee once you feel true love living under a bridge will make you feel like the riches woman in the world!

Do You Hate Liars
Liars lie to cover up the truth which may be painful for them to face. Or to cover something up they don't want to discuss or admit to. Liars do it so long and they begin to believe their lies. It is a moral defect in one's character. We all lie at some point in our lives but it is wrong to do so.

Should I Divorce My Husband
Dear friend,
You did something a lot of women find it hard to do. And that is get away from the abuse. Congratulations to you. Now don't go back. Even though you have done it before. Stop it ! It does not matter what he wants at this point. He has made his choices and they were bad and abusive. You can stay separated from him. Forgive him and move on with your life. You deserve to be happy. According to the Word you cannot remarry until your legal spouse dies. If you caught him in the act of adultery, you can divorce and remarry,if you so choose.
I would move far away from him,find a new man and begin to date. Be restrained in all you do and keep trusting in the Lord.

Wrong For Christians To Drink
You got it right Clarence. It is ok to drink in moderation. But not get drunk. That is where the sin comes in. But we have to know our own selves and our own situation. Some people are recovering alcoholics and so forth. If so, leave the sauce alone. You will never be able to indulge, again, without, serious, consequences. We should also ask ourselves why do we even need alcohol. Nothing good comes out of the stuff. The bible tells us to be sober and watchful, at all times. Drinking can cause us to say and do things that can be detrimental to us. It interferes with our worship, praise, messes up lives. Best to leave it alone,period.

Christmas Trees Are Sinful
Putting up a christmas tree is no more sinful than stuffing ourselves with turkey,ham,dressing,sweets and more sweets during the holiday.We become so full and swollen we cannot walk and can barely lie down so the food can go down and then we start all over again. Ugly picture,isn"t it? Sin is ugly and evil. A christmas tree is pretty and brightens up my entire home. I would rather have the tree. Yes-I am a christian.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
Honey in the name of Jesus please stop doing this to yourself. Forgive yourself first.Knowing you did,I am sure,the best you could at that time. You will need to ask God's forgiveness next. He will forgive us if we ask. We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Please read Psalms 51.It speaks to us about ourselves and our wickedness.Surely we can relate this to our own situations, in life. Read and believe this Psalm, with all of your being.You also would do well to look through your concordance for every scripture that has forgivenss in it. As you read these scriptures,let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you to understanding.Let God's words speak to your heart and mind and know you are forgiven.
My prayers are with you beloved.

Is Halloween For Christians
We would have to go dig a hole and live in it if we did not participate in anything. Weddings,Christmas,other holidays etc...are all pagan. I use to wonder about these things yrs ago. I was so confused because every thing Christians did were wrong. I left the church for many yrs just to adjust and try to live a normal life.
I do participate in life but I do it in a godly way.Whever I go I let my light shine.
I like Halloween but I don't put up anything that will hurt or injure others. I basically give candy and gospel tracts for kids.
I make hotdogs,popcorn and other simple goodies for my family and enjoy the day.
If that makes me a pagan,oh well.
If my church or other family members do something I might participate in that,also.

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