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Spiritual Impacts of 9/11
I did not realize that the Holy Spirit was warning me about a calamity that was on the way early in 2001. If you remember, the movie "Pearl Harbor" was showing then. I had already heard of that day repeatedly from my mom and dad. However, when I exited the movie, I was overwhelmed inside and I cried of the realization that it was going to happen again. Later on, it was confirmed at our church, when several of our church leaders called out for a 21-day fast for the "impending disaster" due to come to the New England area What's more, I then realized who Jesus was talking about when he said: "they who kill you will think that they are doing a service unto God..." I THEN knew, for sure, who he was talking about.

What Makes You A Christian
I heard from several sources that when the "Followers Of The Way" were being forced to enter the coliseum, they would often chant and sing praises. The Roman Soldiers head this and mocked them, saying...
Oh look at the "Christ-Chens", or little Christs.
It is the Grace of God, by the shedding of His blood for my restitution that saves me, However, it is then, my natural desire to do whatever it takes to please Him.
Please Remember, It was because of intense persecution, as mentioned above, and indicated in the scriptures, that caused many of the surviving saints to believe that Jesus would soon return.

Courted By Two Men
I agree, you NEED to be honest alone with both and watch how they react, But IF you have to ask "which one is best?", then you're not ready to commit to either.
A wise friend told me..."Don't go shopping for a car until you know what you want to drive. ANY car will seem perfect when you drive it around the block, but will it fit in your plans (w/o manipulation) during the long haul? Every personality has it's own good and bad points but YOU must live with it from here on.
QUESTION...What has God called you to do for him? A certain "Ruth Bell" was downright certain that God wanted her to evangelize the people of China, instead she married a certain Billy Graham and enabled her husband to evangelize the world.

Justify Creationism
I heard this story where God challenged a Highly Intelligent Scientist to a contest. The contest was to build a better man than the average one that exists now. The Scientist said "GREAT! God, I've got a list of ingredients and tools that I will need to do this. God replied and said: "NO! You don't understand, We both start with nothing and no tools, and THEN make your man. The Scientist responded..."That's IMPOSSIBLE!" God replied..."Not for me!"

When Should A Women Be Submissive
How high do you want your man to go? Be CAREFUL to find a good man, but don't just love him. Like Eve, the tendency is to try to rule over him (Gen. 3:16). Now IF... you LOve AND Respect him, He will be as successful as a shinny ball bearing shot out of a wrist rocket, flying high into the sky, An understanding woman can! Don't do this and he will corrode where he is, or fall out to be used by another, or stomped under foot. Will you truly his completer, or his critic?

When Should A Women Be Submissive
Does it bring glory to God? Is it Scriptural? Is your attitude genuine? Does your action, or inaction cause someone else to suffer, or does it draw them closer to God? (1st Cor 10-all) Remember this, being submissive is a silent compliment of faith and trust. Compliment someone, and it will be harder for them to find fault with you. BUT, Don't be submissive to, or with abuse or danger at all, though.

Are Women More Spiritual
What I discovered about spiritual differences with genders is: A) Men tend to lead the way in change (Good or Bad.) B.) Women either perfect a new trend, go further in it. (Check it out Historically) Drugs, Violence, Smoking, Business, Prophetic Experience, Patriotism, Gangs, etc, etc. Both are needed in God's Kingdom! Notice, St. Paul started the church, Women help perfect it.

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