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Is Playing The Lottery OK
I believe that playing the lottery is ok.
It's what you do with the money when you win is the real question. If you are giving ten percent of your earnings to the Lord, then I believe it's ok.

If you are doing everything else first before yu pay God his portion then it is not ok.

God made it possible for you to when the lottery in the first place.

Benefits To Blogging
What's wrong with doing both. Why can't we blog and pray?

We can pray that our blogs are being used to help others who have no other way of getting christian information about God.

Maybe God wants us to blog so that we can help others!

Don't Like Wifes Religion
By no means am I a marriage counslor.

God Loves catholics and christians too.

First you are both his childern. He loves both of you equally. When Jesus died for our sins he did not discriminate, he shed the blood for all of us. If you love your wife what difference does it make. You are still praying to the same God no matter what religion you are.

The children are watching!!

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
It is sad to see all of the unlearned people who comment about Freemasonry.I am married to a mason and we have many on both sides of our families. They are some of the most loving, God-fearing people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I am a blessed woman to be married to my hubby.The Rotary does many wonderful things in area for young people.We even have a group of high school students whoose club helps with the needy thru the Rotary.

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