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Will God Restore My Marriage
Yes! Remarriage (to another person) after divorce is adultery. What you're doing right now is ending the adulterous relationship, pray that your covenant husband does the same.

Too Ashamed Of My Sins
One of my favorite parts in the Bible is when Adam is hidding from God and God plays along (my words) and asks him "where are you?" He knows what you are ashamed about already, do you? Ask him for his forgiveness. Please.

Is Jesus Always Willing To Heal
yes jesus would be willing to heal me if i pray to him and have strong faith in him. praise the lord.

Unanswered Prayer Unheard
God hears our prayers but for Him to answer you must pray according to His word, which is His will [isa65:24] then we must stand in faith [agreement]with God.1John5:14-15 and keep on thanking Him phil4:6-7

I Need Proof Of God
I love you.
I love.
A baby being born.........a baby.
The stars, sun, moon, trees, flowers, animals.........sleep, laughter, tears, strength, hope, ice tea and watermelon.
There is so much proof. There are BIG signs or why would he win so many?
Please print this, please. Thanks.

Why Are You On These Blogs
To Mike M: No, no, no,no and no, in awnsre to your questions (I belive 6-7).

What Is Your Favorite Pet
I have a cat named Issue. Because of my life she fits in nicely but, I would have a dog if I could and some fish and a bird and maybe a skunk....maybe a horse also. And of corse a pet monkey to help care for them all.

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
What if we change the day to Wed!!!??? I could go for a day of rest and worship then...espi a day off!!!
Does it really matter what day? I am sorry, I just don't see the point of the day other then just do it for our own wellness. More important is what we are actually doing on that day, I think.

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
I belive the Word "helps us" to be, have and live better. A day of rest and worship is important. I don't know about the do or die stuff, other then it is harder to "be" when one dose not follow our Lord.

Does Bush Have An Evil Spirit
Maybe some of our tax money could go to helping children of parents who would not been able to "keep" a child(ren), instead of going to abortion. Notice I say "parents" in suporting marriage. I am sure there are a few awnsers we could think/fight for that are reinforcing, posistive and Godly. I say out think em. It is a tuff old world and people are doing what works for them. Lets try to make something better in the heart of it all.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Mostly, I would say it is a control issue. Everyone needs to have some control in thier lives. Choices are good for our children and help in giving them (and helping them realize) they have control and do make choices. I cut myself because I use to feel my life was so out of control & I felt so lost and just helpless. Prayer, supportive christains, & therpy played a large part in realizing and stopping this behavior. Thank God again!!!! & again & again....

Capital Punishment And Abortion
When I was in my mother growing she had an appendec. When the doctor saw she was pj it was really to late into the surgery. He figured she would "pass" me and would never know the difference. I did not pass and I am grateful that she wasn't put in the posistion to choose as, I am sure she would have gave her life for mine. I thank the Lord!!! I can't even imagin my life without her and I am so grateful the Lord is in control.

Capital Punishment And Abortion
Lets make a law that says "No sex outside of marriage". This is where most of the abortions come into effect (I think?). It might still be a topic but, not such a on-going one. Awnser to, yes, no.

What Is Witchcraft
Attempting to take control & "work" "things" not by God, not by the Lord Jesus but, by calling on other things (items, self, frogs,sun, earth, moon, satan...) to self control outcomes. Thats what I think when I hear "witchcraft".

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