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Is Jesus also God
God can do what the human mind deems impossible. Out of His love for us, it is possible for Him to split Himself into three states. God the Father, the Son,and the Holy spirit. In order to show us that He will feel our pain, he had to be human. He came down to our level. In order to gain strength and go through with it, He called on God the Father. He was an example to us on how to act when we are in distress.

Why Differences In Understanding
We tend to conceptualize and rationalize everything when there is no need. God is simple and there is one simple truth. Love Him and love another. Love is all you need. If people could go back to simplicity there would be less misinterpretations.

How To Find Someone To Marry
Always ask God for direction. If you see someone you like, ask God to give you the courage to approach her. Don't let fear hold you back. Make sure you can spend the rest of your life with her if you decide to marry. This is a big step that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Is God Less Than Perfect
The Bible was translated into English so I always keep in mind that the translators were trying to find the best fit for each word. "Jealousy" here I believe means that He doesn't want us to serve or put anyone before Him. He wants us all to Himself. This is rightfully so because He is our creator. This type of jealousy is not the same kind we experience on earth. We should not want anything or anyone all to ourselves because everything belongs to God.

How To Find The Right Man
This may not sound like the help you need...but often when you stop looking is when the right one shows up. Live your life as if you don't need a man...because you really don't. All you need is God and when you put Him first, He will supply your every need.

Parents Marrying Me Off
My family is Muslim and I am the only Christian convert. My father is disappointed in me. But I am not living for him. I'm living for God first and then for myself. Read Matthew 10: 34-39. There are times when your own family will stand against you. You are not asking to do something morally wrong. Be brave and trust in the Lord. He will open a way for you. Approach your father in peace and love. Speak from your heart and may the Lord change his mind.

Parents Marrying Me Off
I can sympathize with you to a certain extent. My father is Palestinian as well. I was raised in a very strict household. I joined the U.S. Air Force against his wishes. It was my way to get away. I had a two year scholarship to the university and after that was over he could not afford to send me to school. My father was not happy about what I did. Basically, you have to stand your ground.

Go To Hyprocrite Church
Have you discussed how you feel with your husband? You should tell him how you feel and make sure you have a good source (not just hearsay).

Secretly In Love With Married Man
When I first fell in love, I was Muslim and he wasn't. I told him we couldn't stay together. He married someone else and for 2 years I remained in love with him. He told me he was still in love and would come to my door and knock. I could not answer; it just hurt too much. It took me finding someone else for those "in love" feelings to go away. It also helps if you stay far away from that person. Lily has no intentions of breaking up his marriage. It's just going to take time and distance.

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