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Have I Missed Out In Life
I apologize for being so defensive toward men. I don't blame anyone but myself for my past. Everyone has been kind to me, and I appreciate it.
A friend suggested I love myself and others, before I can expect anyone to love me. That is definitely something I would appreciate your prayers on, because it doesn't come easy.

Have I Missed Out In Life
I don't normally bring up my past, for one thing I know the Lord has forgiven me.
One point I was trying to make is, it seems that christian men are looking the perfect woman. They want someone who is a perfect size, age, intellent, with no sins in her past. I wonder how many men can say that about themselves.
God who is perfect, is willing to forgive all who repent and believe in Jesus as their saviour.

Have I Missed Out In Life
Thanks Billy for reminding me that with God all things are possible.
It is the Lord's will for me that is important. Whether or not I meet a man and we care for eachother is up to the Lord. I am not going along with whatever a man wants just to make him love me anymore. I learned years ago that that doesn't work anyway.
From reading some of the posts, I get the feeling that most christian men would think they are too good for me.

Have I Missed Out In Life
I wanted a man to love and marry me. When I did marry at 23,the man only married me because I was pregnent. He left after 2 years. It was a unhappy marriage. It took 3 years of my getting more depressed, before I was in a psyche ward. After that I dated a man for 5 years and broke up with him. Now I am 47, I would still like to meet a man who would care about me but, it would not be fair for me to expect a man to be interested in a divorced, bipolar, saved woman.

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