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How To Find The Right Man
Look, I know it is hard waiting, but it is for the best. I am now engaged to a great guy, but I had to wait for a while for God to send him to me. The best advise I can give is to not worry about it and let go of the thought "When am I going to find the right one", because as soon as you let go and just start living for God and serving Him
everything will fall into place. I will be praying that sends you the right man and while you are waiting just serve God to the fullest.

Why Is America Still In Iraq
It is hard to understand why we are still in Iraq, but remember that God lets everything happen for a reason and we may not understand why it happend to us. Just remember God won't let nothing happen to your
son that He doesn't want to happen. It is hard not to worry, but we have to trust God and pray that they will be okay.

Having Emotional Stress With Work
I find at times that I am stressed with my work and family. I found that going to the person and talking with them really helps, but before you go to them do it in a sweet spirit. Pray and asked God to help you with the right words to talk with the person. If that person is still causing you stress just look to God and pray for guidance and look in the Bible for scripture verse that encourage you.

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