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Have I Missed Out In Life
If you felt you have missed out this is normal because in a sense you have. You wanted to have you together, very healthy. Missing out means that you were focused on what it was that would make you a better person financally etc. Girls have it the same way and we have to be Christian super models on top of that; but that seems to be what guys want (I missed that sermon!)...WHOOSH!

Gifts Of Tongues Needed
Definitely NO! However,today it is said baptism of the spirit is manifested in the speaking of tongues,according to the BIBLE this is incorrect.Upon salvation one is blessed with THE HOLY SPIRIT of GOD,the infilling depends upon our communion with HIM,the bible tells us quench not...the bible also tells us to desire the best gifts and yet I show you a more excellent way.Next time someone ask you about the gifts,YOU ASK him what about the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT according to the book of Galatians.

Can The Devil Talk To Your Mind
YES,the enemy attacks the mind of the believer that's why the word of GOD cautions us to renew our minds.The enemy tempts us even in strong moments like as he did to our Lord JESUS in the wilderness even promising things and kingdoms that he has no control over but we too need to use the word as our defence and submit ourselves therefore to GOD resist the devil and he will flee from us.GOD BLESS!

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