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Marrying A Younger Man
You have all encouraged me - I can't tell you how much you've made me feel like, at least, I am not alone.

Show Me The Rapture Scriptures
Whens the last time you read the word trinity in the bible? Does that mean you do not believe in the Trinity either?

Should One Marry If Pregnant
Listen and pay attention to experience: There is NO ONE else on this earth who is the biological father of that child. When a child has his REAL mother and REAL father together raising him, he has a sense of togetherness and love. The problem comes in when fathers don't give a hoot about the kid. In that case, it is nearly impossible to make the father "stay" anyway. God will make a way in either situation.

So here is the correct answer: Whether he is Christian or not, he is that baby's father. Try as you might to find a replacement, that's what it will always be: a replacement.

Boyfriend Is A Muslim
I believe that all Muslims are just as important to God as the Samaritans and other "sinners." They need Jesus. Now as for your relationship, don't give your boyfriend the "convert or go" ultimatum, instead see where he goes with it and then you can make your decision. Our flesh is so strong sometimes that someone like him will say anything to keep someone he loves. Let him know that you will be there, be his friend, but that you Jesus is the most important thing to you and that everything else is secondary. Find out if he's serious and introduce him to a pastor or a mature Christian who can take him under their wing. Then it is not you who is leading him, but a spiritual man of Christ.

Christian Women Dress Scantly
Good question. I think being a "Christian" is a completely separate issue though. The matter of dress is a matter of how one wants to be perceived and a matter of wanting to help their brothers and sisters up. In other words, I don't want to make a fellow Christian have lust in his heart because I have a really low cut shirt on or I'm wearing something to begs to be looked at.

And I also want to say what scantily dressed women do to another woman's self-esteem. It's hard on us. We want to be just as beautiful or look like them and sometimes we just don't. Then it makes us feel bad about ourselves. God wants our beauty to come from doing good things and living right. I know it sounds corny, but it's true.

How To Open An Orphanage
John - I couldn't believe that there is an Islamic militant group in the Phillipines. Did you hear Gracia Burnham's story? Wow. Everyone on this site needs to cover you in prayers because of your good work and to protect you while you are there.

Marrying A Younger Man
Dear Moderator: My post is not only making me fall even farther into sinning by hating people in my heart, but causing others to sin in the same way. I have been wrong in my responses and in posting and replying. I am sorry to you and to all others on this site I have offended in either what I've said or what I've done. You can leave my post up for a little while, but then I hope you delete the entire blog. I pray that God will bless all of you and this site.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
The truth is that we just don't know. We are really to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. So, if we feel that this man may not be the truest teacher on the block, let's just pray for him, and also thank God in heaven that Mosques in this country are not growing at that rate. I mean, really, it's awesome to see that many people in church. Praise God for at least that. God will take everyone to the next step. My favorite verse: Be still and know that I am God. Amen.

Christians Supporting Israel
gravynluv - could you expound on the 10 lost tribes? i don't understand.

I Strayed Away From God
im serious - i like your style, not afraid to say what's on your mind. the truth is that no one can convice you of anything, for example I can't even convice my own son to eat spinach. The truth is found by looking for it. If you set out with ALL of your heart to seek it, my God promises that you will find it. No threats, no scary tactics, just that.

That's how I came to really believe in Jesus, because I couldn't find anything to really disprove Him or the entire Judeo/Christian history.

And you are 100% right! If you believe in something enough, you will feel it, it will manifest itself. But there's only one reality, only one blue sky, only one truth. These absolutes. I'm your friend.

Church Practices Paganism
Would you all look at yourselves and see how you've completely veered off the topic? this is probably one of the funnier posts I've seen. You guys....

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
there are lots of people who pray for newborns to be saved from death, but many times does not work. God has a will and purpose in everything, yes pray UNCEASINGLY, but walk it, too. Don't forget to walk! When jesus healed the cripple he said now get up and walk! We have a big role in how God interacts with us. So use those legs, get involved in a support group, call the local hospitals, look on the internet for self-help.

How To Find The Right Man
there is a shortage of men in church. i know because I have a son and I'm always looking for a mentor for my son but no one really wants to bother. and it's no better outside of the church either. in our culture, we have men who have completely hardened their hearts and really stick to logistics. women are, by nature, loving. men have to strive for it. why did God command a husband to love his wife? yep, because men aren't lovers innately. not to offend any man anywhere, I LOVE men's ability to think and act without emotion (like us who are just piles of tears at times), and to lead. Men are amazing specimans, but like women, we are all human and we've all lost our way. We have to work at things.

Statement Of Your Faith
Eloy - I'm ditto to your post. I tell my muslim friends that Jesus is God, that Jesus came to earth in flesh, and that Jesus said that there is NO other way to the Father except through Jesus. I tell that to my Jehovah's Witness friends, I tell that to my non-believing friends. That is the most important first step to understanding truth. Then of course comes the hard part: "Remain in My love and I will remain in you." Obey, obey, obey. Something that I'm terrible at, I admit. But I believe God perfects his creation and so hope is not lost for me yet.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
I don't know. I see Osteen's ministry as one that preaches to Christians that are already supposed to know that they are to be obedient. So, it's not preaching the fire and brimstone of Turn or Burn. The issue is that he's not preaching to 100% crowd of highly mature christians, he's got the country's ear. So, I can see both sides of it. But I do have to say this, I've watched him quite a few times and I really feel that God spoke directly to me through his preaching. Just my two cents:)

Accommodate Islamic World
That's basically what I'm saying. We do have the power to defend ourselves, but all the manly power in the world won't save us unless our country repents and begins to recognize God as our protector and savior. I mean, I'm guilty as well. I just don't know how God can look at us anymore and keep the enemeies at bay. It's really scary.

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