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Saving Emergency Food
Ihaven't really started stocking up on food but I started canning 2 yrs ago. I love doing it & yes I have given a lot of it away to people that need some help with food. I do know a lot of people that are stocking up on food & water, & although I would like to stock up on propane ^ stuff like that, My husband just died in dec.-11 so I just don't have the money to buy this stuff right now. But I do love to garden & can the food that I help grow..

Early Church Observe Sabbath
Plus, wherever we find believers worshipping and praising God, we are having church. Church is not a program or function, it is where two or more are gathered in Jesus' Name (Matthew 18:20) He is in the midst of them. Wherever Jesus is, I would call that church. Also, in the early church, they met in houses all over the place every day of the week. Read Acts 2:46-47. It is man that decided what day church "should" be held, but God decided long ago that it would be everyday. In the New Covenant, every day is the sabbath in Christ because He is the Sabbath. Arguing over Saturday or Sunday is just not so important as resting in Christ.

The Divorced Missionary
Jesus didn't have a problem using the divorced. The woman at the well was the first missionary. She had been married 5 times and the guy she was living with was not her husband. When she said she had no husband, Jesus said that she answered right. God used her and with her testimony a whole town came to believe in Jesus. I think Jesus would say let those without sin throw the first stone. We are all forgiven. Also read David Instone-Brewer's book. You might be surprised what the Bible really says on the subject of divorce.

Will God Restore My Marriage
I wonder if you truly want the first marriage or if it is just something familiar and safe. So many people are afraid of being alone, without a man or woman in their lives. I know people that don't wait more than a day or two before beginning yet another "serious" relationship.If people would stop spending more time finding the perfect car than they do finding that perfect someone, then maybe it will get better. Also, it would help to fill that hole in your heart with a serious relationship with Christ first. May God bless you and direct your endeavors towards happiness.

Is Depression An Evil Spirit
God has promised us peace,joy,love and a soundmind. We do not have to accept depression. God has given us the power to overcome. The problem is that people do not know how to obtain that power, but it is ours. We need to go into the enemy camp and take back what the devil has stolen from us. Some people accept depression in their lives. I don't! I live in victory with my victor!

Who is Peter Popoff?
False gospel. There is only one mediator between God and man and it is the son Jesus Christ. I go directly through Him. He has given us the power to become sons and daughters of God, wherefore we can cry Abba Father. Through Christ, we have the power to lay hands on the sick, prophesy, cast out demons,speak in tongues,interpret,intercesors in prayer. who needs Peter Popoff when we have Jesus!

The Law Nailed To Cross
Thanks everyone for your answers...some were really helpful.The last point raised was a good one: do we keep 9 or all 10 of them. Were you refering to the Sabbath versus Sunday? Great point. Sandy

The Feast Of Tabernacles
How many realize that Judaism is not the religion of the old covenant? Christ corrected the Jews of His day for keeping their own traditions. The holy days of Lev. 23 are God's feast days.

Blotted Out Of Book Of Like
Michelle...I agree with how you are understanding that scripture. You can't be blotted out of the book if you were not first entered in the book. I think a lot of confusion may arise because of the once saved always saved doctrine that some hold.

Prayer To Stop Smoking
I am a smoker for almost 50 years and I have copd, I babysit for my only grandchild. She is 3 months old. I have to quit smoking. God helped me in other ways before and I believe He will help me again. Please pray for me. I need all the help I can get. I thought about wearing my rosary and praying through every craving.

Real ID Mark Of Beast ID
people just do not realize that the mark of the beast is not a good thing, and i dont think that they really understand the true meaning behind what is actually means

A Christian Surrogate Mother
I think it is wonderful that you are considering being a gestational surrogate for a couple who cannot carry their child to term. We are a Christian couple in that situation. Due to pre-cancerous growths, I lost my uterus. The only way for us to have
a child together is with the help of the Lord and the mercy of a woman with a selfless heart, like yours. There is a Christian Surrogacy Support group on Yahoo that prays for one another and supports pro-life medical practices in surrogacy.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
It does matter what church you belong to and what you call yourself. In Acts "they were first called Christians in Antioch." God's church was established in Acts by God, he added to the church. All others were established hundreds of years later, by man.We must have biblical authority for what we do and say. Authority is given through Apostolic example,direct instruction,silence of scripture,and inference.Search for book,chapt. and verse for all authority.

I Want A Man Now
I know God will send a godly man to me , I pray for my future husband, BUT I know this is in God's time, this may happen tomorrow or when i am 80, so I wait & work on my relationship with Jesus, the only man I need in my life , Jesus loves me more than anyone , and I love Him, He is always there for me, never called me a bad name, hit me. I sit at His feet and daily and worship Him and learn from Him. I think we need to be happy being alone and knowing we are not lonely with the Lord

Baptism Needed For Salvation
What if the person were a mute parapalegic? How would he work?
The Bible tells us we must be baptised with water and with the Holy Spirit.
If we are baptised by both, (not meaning speakinging in false tongues as a sign)the Holy Spirit will convict our hearts to desire to tell others about Jesus. If we do not have both, then we are not fully converted. Works can be a very subtle thing. If one is truly converted the works will come automatically.

Baptism Needed For Salvation

Works is not always a deliberate act. When we are given our robes and our crowns of glory, the crowns will have stars on them according to our works, however the works did not get us to heaven! They are a sign of recognition from our Lord of our committment to serve Him. Some will have one star, some will have many. We should not work for these stars else they be for vanity. Works is an outward sign of the inward conversion. God and only God judges that.

Give Your Personal Testimony
when i was about 25 i had a serious whiplash injury.
now 51, litterally in my sleep banged my head on the bed and it knock my neck straight. my neck and head are now straight. god works in mysterious ways.

My Son Is Cutting His Arms
Cutting is VERY serious get him help ASAP. Don't wait for ANY reason! I have worked with kids with this problem and it is only the first step. I'll be praying for your son and your whole family!

Anyone Here Play With The Occult
when i was about 12 or so my parents bought one and me and my friends played with it but i didnt see nothin happen.i am now 50.

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