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The Theoretic Big Bang
Big Bang Theory
In the beginning there was nothing and no one.
Then nothing exploded.
Nothing turned into something.
When nothing exploded it created everything.
There was still no one.
Everything turned into something.
Something banged into something and somehow mingled together and formed someone.
Now someone exists.
This is science and educated thinking?
Takes a lot more faith to believe this then the Bible.

Desire To Leave My Husband
Adultery is sin. The ten commandants plainly state: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Oil Appearing On Your Hands
Yes. I saw a preacher by the name of Salvador Garcia preach and then oil dripped from his hands for about 30 minutes. Also, Joshua Mills as well has had meetings where this begins to happen. Also some of the people in the congregation at Pastor Tito Caban's church in Camuy, PR has it all the time. There is also a lady preacher, I forget her name, who has this happen to her in PR as glass comes out of her eyes when she preaches and I believe oil from her Bible.

Suicide And Going To Hell
I think it is a good question, I also wonder the same.
This is mentioned by this webside:
"Before responding to this blog, please take our Heaven & Hell Bible Quiz."
I did the test and it did not answer your (and my) question....Any input? pls include me with the input, thnx

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