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Did Parents Marry Their Kids
My question is; (1) If siblings had to marry, would not the kids end up severely retarded and deformed? (2) The Bible says God does not change. If siblings are now forbidden to marry, would this not be contrary to the word? The Bible does not make it clear where their wives came from. I think God created wives for Cain and Able, and it was not recorded like other things we know were not recorded in the Bible. If it were a sin at one time, but no longer a sin, then God changes his moral laws.

Use The Internet To Find A Mate
I would not recomend it. You never know who or what you may find online. Many people are not who they say they are. If God has someone for you, you shall find a good Christian man in due time. I have heard stories about people meeting online, getting married, and things going horribly wrong. Just trust God, and he'll take it from there.

Artificially Inseminated Biblical
Mary was not married at the time the Holy Spirit inseminated her. If it were a sin, he would not have done it.

Sick People Have No Faith In God
You need to ask your pastor that if you do get an illness and attend church, would he mind receiving it . The bird flu would be a good example to use. Would he mind catching it? How about those on deathbeds? Are they to wheel the hospital beds into the church?

How To Stop Tattoos
I am a Christian, born again, spirit filled. I have one tattoo. The Bible says men look at our outward apperence, but God looks at our heart. What is wrong with having Jesus' name tattood on your arm? If a guy can tattoo his girlfriend's name on him, then, hey. I also have my right eyebrow pierced. God still uses me, and I still operate in tongues and the prophetic.

Moderator - To deface your body with a tattoo shows your heart. I would focus more on Bible reading and less on the tongues and prophetic if that was the end result of speaking in tongues and prophetic.

Oil Appearing On Your Hands
Wayne--you say if it's not in the Bible, then it's garbage? The prayer of salvation, the trinity, nor the rapture is not in the Bible. Are there teachings garbage? If so, I will burn my Bible right away.

Oil Appearing On Your Hands
Sickness, bondage, etc is of the devil. People accused Jesus of being of the devil when he cast out demonic spirits. He asked them how satan can cast out satan. (Matthew 12:22-30.) If the manifistation of oil on your hands is satan, then I guess he is working against himself. He is, after all, pretty stupid.

Humor Blog #7
Califonie ain't the place to be. I think Jethro outta move to Hooterville. Who else would be able to eat Lisa's pancakes??

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