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How To Love
//Nowhere does Jesus tell us that we should go like sheep to the slaughter//- strongaxe.

The loving thing to do is to follow Jesus' command and "turn the other cheek"- Matt.5:39. Also to "love your enemies and pray for those persecuting you"- Matt.5:44.

Instead of following Christ's teachings, strongaxe prefers the teachings of his bloodthirsty Catholic warlord Jimmy Gibbons, so-called "Cardinal" of Baltimore who along with the rest of his Archbishop cohorts taught their flocks in 1917 to "rise as one man to serve the nation...the duty of a citizen is absolute and unreserved obedience to his country's call".

"Love your enemies"! A teaching strongaxe is yet to comprehend!

Christians Sell Cigarettes
//they should sell one and buy a sword//- strongaxe

Not sure which scripture strongaxe mis-quotes, but Jesus said:

"for all who draw the sword will die by the sword"- Matthew 26:52 (NIV).

The prophecy at Isaiah 2:4 obviously doesn't apply to strongaxe Constantinian religion, "They will beat their swords into plowshares... Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore". (NIV)

DESPITE what Strongaxe says, trinitarians HAVE been taught not to "go like sheep to the slaughter", but to fight and kill other trinitarians.

"For whoever does not love their brother and sister... cannot love God, whom they have not seen." - 1Jo.4:20 (NIV)

Fail To Tell The Truth

//How did Jesus separate sheep from goats?//- strongaxe

How did trinitarians separate people 75 years ago?

'Women and children to the right, working men to the left'.

"Always how one treats others". Precisely... And sending women and children to the gas chambers, as sanctioned by the trinitarian Roman Catholic Church is treating others with Christian love is it?

Strongaxe obsesses about using Yahweh, but he doesn't use God's name because he doesn't believe the truth of the Bible or the real meaning of Christian love. He agrees with the removal of God's name and altering the Bible to appease his trinitarian warlords!

Celebrating Christmas Day
//they would leave the Tetragrammaton... THEY WRITE AND PRONOUNCE IT IN WAYS THEY KNOW ARE INCORRECT//- StrongAxe.

So is StrongAxe talking about the King James Bible using "JEHOVAH"? Or is StrongAxe squealing at the use of 'Jesus' instead of 'Yeshua'. Who knows what this hypocrite is talking about.

StrongAxe hypocritically castigates the KJV for using "JEHOVAH" when he avoids using God's name to preserve his pathetic pagan trinity dogma! 'Trinity' is not even used in the Bible. And he has the gall to criticise the KJV, ASV, Byington and others for translating God's name into a form he objects to! Hypocrite!

StrongAxe has been sitting in pagan filth for so long he can't smell it anymore!

Celebrating Christmas Day
No it's not JW's who insist. It's Jehovah God who insists.

God said at Isaiah 42:8,

"I am Jehovah, that is my name" (ASV, Darby, Youngs, Byington, plus others).

StrongAxe (and his cohort Cluny) insist you can play loose with God's name, and change it to LORD, effectively removing God's name altogether.

We find many people in our ministry who never knew God had a personal name directly because of mis-translations such as the KJV (now the NewKJV) which remove God's name [YHWH] all 6973 times!

In fact, many abandon the pagan trinity dogma and start worshipping Jehovah when they discover God's name!

Celebrating Christmas Day
//child abuse//- Cluny.

Do you defend the child abuse that exists in the Orthodox church?

Everyone knows all about the rampant child abuse in the Catholic church. Afterall, Orthodoxy is simply Catholicism without a Pope.

Jehovah's Witnesses defend themselves from any child abusers by expelling them, using the scriptural practice of disfellowshipping- 1Cor.5:13.

The Catholic church however hide their pedophile priests by moving them to different diocese so that they can evade capture and carry on with their filthy practices.

Does the Orthodox church hide pedophile priests?

JW's are a global organisation. There is no war or racism inside JW's- Jo.13:34,35.

Celebrating Christmas Day
//"Howard", yet some people called you "Harold"//- StrongAxe.

What's more disgusting is StrongAxe wouldn't use Howard's name at all!

Like a delinquent teenager, StrongAxe would call Howard "Oj you!", or "oj mister"!

StrongAxe knows God's name. He knows it is derived from the Hebrew consonants YHWH. Either Yahweh or Jehovah will do. But StrongAxe follows those who remove and twist scripture 6973 times by substituting God's name for the inappropriate 'Lord' or 'God' titles.

Howard would be even more disgusted with StrongAxe if he deliberately chose not to use his name and substituted it for something inferior.

I wonder how God feels about his name being removed? (Re.22:19)

Bring Back Christmas
Doesn't it bother you to tell lies... Cluny.

Cluny ought to be more concerned about the lies he is spreading about the Almighty God.

God specifically recorded his name in scripture. That name is recorded as the 4 Hebrew consonants YHWH. Some translate YHWH as 'YaHWeH', some use 'JeHoVaH'.

The Bible also uses the word 'Lord' either in Hebrew [adonai] or the Greek [kyrios]. Because 'Lord' is a title, 'Lord' can be applied essentially to anyone.

YHWH is not a title and is not applied to anyone in the Bible, other than Almighty God- because that is His personal name- Is.42:8.

Cluny thus lies about God when he agrees with the removal of God's name, and changing it to 'LORD' for false doctrinal reasons.

Bring Back Christmas
//Why are you... SO OBSESSED//

I would say I'm passionate for knowing the truth.

It doesn't matter to me whether it's Yahweh or Jehovah, Yeshua or Jesus. Knowing God has a personal name is a discovery in itself.

Also knowing why some have removed God's name is also a revelation. It is everything to do with the pagan trinity dogma. The New King James version has removed God's name completely.

No where will you find false trinitarian expressions "trinity", "3 in one", "Jesus (or God) incarnate", "God the son, God the father, God the HS". These are all false man-made expressions designed to mislead.

Jehovah is God Almighty [YHWH], Jesus is the Son of God.

Bring Back Christmas
//YHVH is used nowhere in... LXX [Septuagint]//- Cluny.

Wrong- as usual.

In the Dead Sea scrolls- mid 1st century, just after the death of Jesus- Jehovah's name [YHWH] appears repeatedly.

The Fouad Inv.266 LXX manuscript, dating from the 1st century shows the Hebrew name for God YHWH in the Greek text.

Origen's Hexapla, the name for God YHWH appears in Hebrew in the Greek text.

The Nash papyrus- dated 1st to 2nd century- again God's name Jehovah [YHWH] appears in Hebrew in the Greek text.

I could go on! Greek writers were using YHWH in Greek writings of the 1st & 2nd centuries. the NWT is a stand alone Bible translation in restoring God's name to the Bible text.

Bring Back Christmas
//if YHWH occurred in one LXX manuscript, it didn't occur in most//- StrongAxe.

How does StrongAxe know this? He doesn't! YHWH occurs in many LXX manuscripts.

//NEVER occurred in NT manuscripts//

How does StrongAxe know this? He doesn't. He is simply parroting trinitarian propaganda!

//Jesus and the Apostles were OK with this//

How does StrongAxe know this? He doesn't! Jesus made his Father's name "MANIFEST"- Jo.17:6. StrongAxe operates in opposition to what Christ did with God's name!

//why do you rail so much//

I don't. It was StrongAxe who first claimed JW's change words. JW's don't. I pointed out how JW's restore God's name where trinitarians have changed and removed it 6973 times!

Bring Back Christmas
//bizarre cultists who INSIST on "YAHWEH"//- StrongAxe.

StrongAxe has previously insisted "Yahweh" should be used. Unusual for StrongAxe to refer to himself as a bizarre cultist. But we knew that anyway!

//your real-world father//

StrongAxe ridiculous reasonings are laughable. So when asked for his fathers name, StrongAxe replies, "human" or "man". He doesn't care about his fathers name. He has airbrushed his fathers name out as he has Jehovah's!

My fathers name is Michael, I refer to him as Dad. My Heavenly Father's name is JEHOVAH, I refer to him as "Abba".

Christians will agree with me, trinitarians won't.

Bring Back Christmas
//translating the Name... is not a "corruption"//- StrongAxe.

This is StrongAxe fallacious understanding of the said Watchtower article.

Yes copyists made mistakes which didn't change fundamental Bible teachings. But it wasn't a mistake for unscrupulous and deceitful translators to completely remove God's personal name from Bible translations and change YHWH to Adonai or kyrios.

There is a difference between an honest mistake and the deliberate blatant removal of God's name, which was the thrust of the WT article.

StrongAxe will [as usual] try to pull the wool over peoples eyes with half quotes & half truths.

"You can fool all the people some of the time..."

Celebrating Christmas Day
//Do YOU trust Hitler's judgment?//- StrongAxe.

Obviously the RCC did! Otherwise they would not have had anything to do with him. They wouldnt have signed any concordat with Hitler and he would have been a footnote in some obscure history book in a back street library.

//a friend who was a Jehovah's Witness//

So StrongAxe leap is "my JW friend was saying and doing something wrong, therefore JW theology is error".
Was it anything like the RCC supporting Hitler in the 1930s? Would StrongAxe be so apologetic to the JW's as he is toward the RCC if JW's had given support to Hitler the same way the RCC did?

I would not want to be an apologist to any group whose leaders gave open tacit support to the Nazi's.

Celebrating Christmas Day
//Some men followed Hitler//- StrongAxe.

I'm not saying "Some men followed Hitler". The Catholic Church Hierarchy followed Hitler, gave Hitler credence, gave the Nazi regime legitimacy, and predominantly Catholic countries hid Nazi war criminals post World War II.

There is clear evidence Eugenio Pacelli (known as Pope Pius XII) along with Von Papen, "signed a concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich on July 20, 1933... Hitler interpreted the concordat to mean that he had won the church's approval, thereby gaining international recognition of his Nazi regime" America Magazine.

We can thank the RCC for giving legitimacy to Hitler's Nazi party. The rest is history.

Bring Back Christmas
//So the name should pronounced Yahweh (or similar)//- StrongAxe.

So confirmation from StrongAxe that using 'LORD' or 'God' is not appropriate as these can hardly be regarded as "similar" to YHWH (Yahweh or Jehovah)!

Again, confirmation that most translations have got it hopelessly wrong all 6973 times when God's personal name "YHWH" appears in the Hebrew text.

A similar rendering of Yahweh is JEHOVAH as used by such translations as the KJV & ASV.

NWT is correct to restore God's name on every occasion it appears in the Hebrew & Greek text.

NWT is also right to use "other" at Col.1:16. Otherwise, please explain who is creating "through" and "for" Jesus?

Bring Back Christmas
//So the name should pronounced Yahweh//- StrongAxe.

That's StrongAxe opinion. In fact, no one knows the exact pronounciation of God's name.

A Dead Sea Scroll containing a portion of Leviticus in Greek transliterates the divine name Iao.

Early Greek writers also suggest the pronunciations Iae, I'abe', and I'aoue'.

The first rendering of God's personal name in an English Bible appeared in 1530 in William Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch. He used the form "Iehouah".

In 1930 scholar A. F. Kirkpatrick said: "the really important point is not the exact pronunciation, but the recognition that it is a Proper Name, not merely an appellative title like 'Lord'".

Celebrating Christmas Day

//Hitler's technique... the "big lie"//- Cluny.

Hitler was a confirmed Catholic so no doubt was a proponent of your "big lie" the trinity, using papal knights (noteably Von Papen) to prop up his regime and give him the power base he needed.

Of course, if we didn't have these rabid trinitarians, we would have been spared the slaughter seen in World Wars I & II!

//repeating wrong things//

Whether I am right or wrong is beside the point. Neither yourself or any other trinitarian has been able to explain (using scripture) how "God" in the form of Jesus can die- God is eternal.

You say Jesus "borrowed death" from his human nature. Bible chapter and verse please!

Bring Back Christmas
//That is what THEY would have you believe//- StrongAxe.

The Greek Orthodox Church stated: "Christians are those who accept Christ as God."

The RCC states: "The Trinity is the term employed to signify the central doctrine of the Christian religion".

Trinitarians will ram down people's throats saying if you don't accept Jesus as God, you cannot be a Christian, you're a heretic, damned and off to "Hell".

Another case of... pot, kettle, black. More trinitarian hypocrisy!

Bring Back Christmas
//indicates a personal preference//- StrongAxe.

So you would 'personally prefer' to hide behind trinitarian Cluny? That's the limit of your 'scholastic expertise'!?

Yes I've been studying Greek and Greek manuscripts for over 30 years. We examined the Codex Sinaiticus (dated approx. 350AD to late 4thC) in London, UK years ago. At 1Tim.3:16 it contains OC, "hos", an omicron and sigma ["he who"] but has an obvious correction to read "God" [simple change to the omicron to make it a theta]. Anyone can see the correction was added much later and is vastly different in handwriting to that of the original text.

"He was made manifest..." as found in NIV, RSV, ASV, NRS, CEB, NASB etc...

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