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Martin Luther Loved Mary
No assumptions made here, I want to see sources. Some individuals worship the Bible, but I don't think that will be too overly addressed here. Interesting.

How Many Times Born Again
The moderator hit the nail on the head. Good job! I would imagine that the discussion on this topic is done. Does this make for the shortest discussion in the history of this site?

Bad Things After The Ratpure
After a bit more research, I stand corrected. Thank you for showing the value of why research is important for such a difficult subject.

Martin Luther Loved Mary
Your generalizing without citing references. I am not saying there are people who do not worship her, that is common knowledge in the Church. The Church condemns such action. People who are ignorant of the Church make up their own reality that is fostered by bad reports. The cannot or will not see the truth of matters, or why Mary is venerated. I also am very aware of the practices of Voodoo that use the Saints as "fronts" for the old gods. As a faithful Catholic, you may rest assured there is little that gets past me. I would urge more research in any case.

Martin Luther Loved Mary
--Thousands including family members. If one spends anytime as an minister in Latin America, they know that Mary worship is alive and well and approved by the Vatican. Most Catholics in the USA don't worship Mary in the same manner, but many do especially on the border states.--

This is a highly erroneous (and presumptive) statement as it is not approved by the Vatican--I should wonder at your sources, not your credentials here--are you a Catholic?

Bad Things After The Ratpure
The idea of the "Rapture" is on of the enemy's most subtle tricks. The Church Fathers (which should always be studied hand in hand along with Scripture) also wrote nothing about it--as it is not in the Bible. It is an idea brought on my misinterpretation of scripture (another solid argument against Sola Scriptura). I am often saddened that those who profess to know the Bible are often the one who understand it the least. Hollywood uses the subject as it is a great plot and people have the natural psychological tendency to want to believe they will be "chosen" to proclaim "truth" to others--these are the false teachers Christ warned us about.

Evangelical vs Fundamentalist
In further research, it seems that the terms would entail a great deal of other factors, such as word usage, the time it was used and the denominational use of the terms, as well. One could be an evangelist, but not a fundamentalist, or both. At that point, it would seem that they are terms that could be applied to others only depending on the personal interpretation of the words themselves. Interesting question now that I researched it further. I wish we had the ability to place more than 125 words and at least one link, as this helps in the educational process--maybe the moderators will change this in the future. It would improve the site tremendously.

Sola Sciptura In The Bible

I don't understand what you mean by replace in my proposition of 9/15 "Catholic" with "Christian". Be more specific. Thanks.

Martin Luther Loved Mary
I don't believe what I read on some of these posts...are some people on these forums that misinformed about the Catholic Church? I am glad I am here to correct these errors. They should not be happening today, their is too much reliable information available out there, if you know where to look. Opinions are not truths, but can contain truths. Some Catholics do "worship" her, but they are in error.

Martin Luther Loved Mary
I just corrected another member for the same error you are saying. It's like an epidemic here. Catholics do not worship anything except God. They ask for intercession, and venerate the image of the saint or Mary, just as one would venerate a photo or painting of a loved one. I am glad I found this forum site---a great deal of education needs to be rendered to some members. I find it a privilege to be able to correct error where I find it, and it may even save your souls in some way in the future. Remember, those who hate the Church, hate Christ. Don't be found in that position--here or anywhere. Knowing the truth is essential to knowing Christ Himself.

Sola Sciptura In The Bible
By the way, the protestant position has no authority on the matter to make such an authoritative statement on interpretation of Scripture. Only the Magisterum of the Church can interpret Scripture properly, as they have the intelligence and authority to do so. Saves a great deal of confusion and breeds less Jim Jones and David Koresh characters for unwary Christians to follow. The whole idea of SS is un-biblical, but "bible-believing" Christians do it anyway--it is a self refuting doctrine. Where is the logic?

How To Receive Christ
We only truly receive Christ through the Holy Eucharist. There is no other way. It is the fullest acceptance of Him that a person can commit to and act upon. Receive the Eucharist on the tongue, not in the hand, as He is to be respected above all. Reception in the hand is a modernist error.

Why Do You Love God
Because He loves me and is deserving of having my love back. He provides all my needs, nothing wanting, and often more than I even need--spiritually, physically, and materially. He comforts when others fail. It is our duty. If one allows themselves to be loved by God, it changes their life to the point there is little to fear of anything or anyone on earth. God is to be loved above all things.

I Don't Understand Revelation
One does not learn it with a 2 year degree from some "bible college" and many professors who have studied it all there lives, are still in the dark. The Anti-Christ is not a person or institution, but an Ideal (modernism and liberalism, are the key factors). One needs to always study the Book of Daniel in contrast to the Revelations. The Rapture, the Pope being the Anti-Christ, and many other errors are fostered by misunderstanding of biblical history and figurative language. If one is secure in Christ, they should not concern themselves too much with the "end of the world" talk, which only generates fear and ignorance--the enemy's great weapons. It is a fascinating subject, but some take it too far.

Sola Sciptura In The Bible
Ignatius, I was referring to Eloy's comment. It seems these posts are out of order or something.

Wild Dancing Jumping Church
As a Catholic, I go to a Traditional Latin Mass--very quite, solemn and deeply profound. The New Mass is sometimes more like a "revival" in some parishes. One worships as they are culturally bound. It is God who is being worshiped, but sometimes it becomes a focused on humans. This is where we fall into a problem. God knows the heart, no matter what. The worship of God should be pleasing to Him only. Remember, we worship always, not only on Sundays. Speaking in tongues is only one of many gifts Gods gives us, and not all have it, but they have others. At least one is able to worship God freely, which is not always the case in some places.

I Can't Forgive Myself
Of course, we ourselves cannot lift sin from ourselves, but we can work at realizing we need Christ in those times we fall. If we have a true contrition for our sins, we are forgiven if only we ask and confess them properly to a priest. People can fall into the sin of despair if they are over scrupulous about sin, that is, too "hard" on themselves. Avoid sin by remembering the pain it caused you or loved ones, but especially the pain it causes Our Lord, and you will grow spiritually stronger in the process. It is all an intricate part of growing in Christ.

Believe And Accept Christ
I am doing it here--now. It is high time that people like yourself realize that you have little (actually none) authority when it comes to attempting to tell others what is "truth".The Catholic Church is the sole deposit of faith, and therefore cannot be refuted in any way by those who are not in Her. To hate the Church is to hate Christ. I have a mission to correct error whenever I see it, not foster disagreement where no argument can be validly presented by a protestant. If you are able to disprove the teachings of the Church (which are the teachings of Christ) you have my leave to try.

Sola Sciptura In The Bible
Now that makes no sense.

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