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Wild Dancing Jumping Church
I can understand your apprehension. When people are excited about things, they tend to express it. Same thing about God and experiencing His freedom and joy. Jumping isn't for everyone, though. Especially women who may be or are pregnant. That should not be acceptable. I remember being in a church meeting years ago. There was a young woman jumping. She was pregnant. Come to find out afterward, she lost the baby. This possibly could have been avoided. Was it because of the jumping? I can't say for sure, but it is very likely. I look back and remember that I was trying to conceive in a season when I, too, was jumping in church services, and was unable to conceive. I believe that jumping was the reason. Be wise.

What Is The Gift Of Singleness
I am 24 and I would say I have this gift, though it is not listed in the Bible. God has blessed me with what I would call a desire NOT to marry. I have no wish to be married or to have children. This does not mean I am alone I have my parents and siblings and those who walk beside me. I need no relationship like marrage. all that energy goes into my relationship with God and I fill so blessed that he has not torn my attention between him and another. Marrage is a blessed thing but not for me. I feel it is a gift God gave me to be this way. It is why I call it a gift of singleness. I am sorry I have trouble explaining this to others because God did not design them this way. please tell me if you have questions.

Can A Christian Marry An Agnostic
I married a guy ten years ago who said he believed in God, but was not a practicing Christian. He went to church with me (reluctantly], and after we got married, stopped. I go by myself every week. Now I am stuck in this marriage because divorce is a sin. I try to love him even though I am not IN love. If you truly love the Lord, DO NOT marry someone who is not saved! Eventually, it could ruin your life.

How Should A Boyfriend Treat
With the love of Christ, truly as a treasure of God, in purity and holiness, with a servant's heart, and always in love as it says in Ephesians 5.
A boyfriend should have enough integrity towards our Lord, as well as the girl, to know that she is set aside for someone. If God says he is not that one person for her, then he should honor this and NEVER TOUCH THE GIRL!

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