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Do You Fear God Over Things
The Holy Bible tells us to not fear man but to rather fear God , who can not only kill our body but can take our soul and put it into hell. We should fear God as a type of respect unto him.

Are Biblical Arguments Justified
The word of God tells us to...Work out your own salvation with FEAR AND TREMBLING!! We best get it right, Amen!

Can Demons Process People
Yes, Yes and Yes they do it EVERYDAY! Anytime one does not have the Holy Ghost living inside of their vessel then a demon can possess them.

Are Most People Heavenbound
The word of God tells us...Hell hath enlarged herself. So it sounds like there may be more going than what God intended there to be. For we know from the holy scriptures that Hell was indeed made for the devil and his angels. The word also tells us...Straight is the way and narrow is the gate, and FEW be that find it. So again, it sounds like there will be FEW in heaven and MORE than intended in hell.

I See Spirits All The Time
Go to a Holy Ghost filled church. A believer church. Let them anoint you with oil, the way they did in the Bible . And lay hands on you for prayer..the way they did in the Bible. In the name of Jesus Christ to DELIVER YOU from all EVIL!!

Done All You Can Do
My dear one, you had the answer inside of you all along. God love your heart! When we have done it all, and said it all. Remember what our precious Savior told us to do..STAND STILL !! Stand still and SEE the salvation of the Lord!! And believe me , you, it works!!

Sleeping In Different Bedrooms
If you two truly do love one another and the good Lord did indeed put you two together then everything will be alright. Just AGREE to disagree, shut up, apologize and start anew. Is anything worse than what you are going through now? Remember the Bible says...Do not let the sun go down on your wrath. You are suppose to make up before the sun goes down. We ALWAYS DO! Under NO circumstances should you hold a grudge with your spouse. You only get FURTHER AND FURTHER away from each other. God bless and keep you both and your children. The most important thing above all is PRAY!! PRAY TOGETHER!! THEN PRAY TOGETHER WITH YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN!!! Be an example for them.

My Father Had An Affair
As painful as it sounds..yes. God taught us to forgive or else he would not forgive us. Also remember the harlot that had all the husbands and none of them were hers? Cast the first stone...he told them..if you are without sin. I realize this is a very difficult situation for you to which I am so, so sorry. Biblical you should forgive. Accept the child, which had no hand whatsoever of being born. You will most likely NEVER get over this hurt but as each day of your life passes by, my friend, God will be your burden barer, he also will help you to endure.

Who Is Your Hero
Ditto! He is mine as well.

Unsaved In Bars And Casinos
Stay as far away from those places as possible. Don't set yourself up for Satan to tempt you. If you must witness to them, God doesn't expect you to walk into those places. There is sin, not to mention demonic spirits there. If you feel you must be a witness, you need to wait until they come out the door, or maybe leave a witnessing pamphlet (tract) with an invitation to church on their windshield.

Can Genes Cause You To Sin
No, the word plainly tells us that we are tempted (any kind of temptation) when we let the flesh rule us. When we are drawn away. We are all subject to sin and have weak times. But, God said in his word when we are tempted..he would indeed make a way for our escape. It is up to us to take that way of escape. We know right from wrong. God is not going to come off of his throne, hallelujah, and grab our hand and make us do right. It is up to us. We all do wrong, but as the word tells us..we have an advocate with our father. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Washed In Blood Of The Lamb
By taking on baptism according to the second chapter of Acts.

Son Will Not Pay Rent
Some men live with their parents. Due to the economy or wanting to protect loved ones. 29, one should have a job.If job related, financial or medical reasons BAD one couldn't assist with rent.If not,need to help.Bible say Honor your father and mother so that your days on earth will be long.No matter,if our parents are right/wrong,according to the word of God, we're to honor them, unless it goes against God.One is wrong when don't follow the rules. Pot not good for anyone.I would advise you to seek counseling for son, and encourage him to participate. Let him know consequences if doesn't, use tough love. If doesn't seek help, theres no alternative but him go.

Is Tithing Mandatory
Beg pardons, but God nor his disciples never did away with Malachi 3:8,9,10 As for nobody following the rules of the old testament? What are the ten commandments? Are they not rules, a guideline? I should say so. The old is just as important as the new. The old tells us who God almighty really is. You have to rightly divide the word of God. You can't take one scripture and walk away thinking you have already solved the puzzle. It takes more and more scriptures fitting together just as the body of Christ. The holy word of God, every word is rightly divided. Every word is what we need or else the good Lord would have not let it be so. God bless.

Wild Dancing Jumping Church
On the day of Penecost Act 2, the people thought all in the upper room where drunk because they were making a big commotion. Were they not loud? David danced before the Lord. Was he not dancing? Why the word even tells us to Leap for joy. In many miracles in the Bible people were jumping, leaping and praising God lifting up holy hands.

Is Thank You A Biblical Work
According to the word of God..Ephesians 5:20 it is something we must always give thanks.

Was King David Forgiven
Yes but his son still died.

Hours Per Day In Prayer
According to the word of God, there is no correct time.. 1 Thess. 5:17 infact tells us to not stop.

Are Ghosts For Real
There is only one ghost my friend, the Holy Ghost that was given out on the day of Penecost according to Acts chapter 2. People do not become ghost. A ghost is something man made up to be a ..disembodied spirit. Believe you me, you can have a demon living inside you or the Holy Ghost from God almighty, evidence speaking in tongues,,I'll take Jesus.

Prayer About Anything
The only thing that the word of God tells us to not pray about not pray amiss.

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