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Confession Of Sin
StrongAxe * Case in point: there are many cases of pastors being expelled or even arrested because of scandals involving adultery, child abuse, embezzlement, or worse - which would never happen to truly saved people.

I guessed David and Moses were not truly saved ?

David committed adultery and Moses was a murder..

StrongAxe * I show that eliminating unwanted pregnancy is MORE EFFECTIVE than outlawing it -

I would think not killing babies is the ONLY way to go, dont you?

Why Does God Punish Us
That each person will suffer for their sins then cease to exist.
---Samuelbb7 on 11/13/21

Give the verse that teaches this?

What Is The Purpose Of Blogs
The reason they argue is because neither have authority on scripture!

These small groups all believe that the Bible is the final authority, scripture alone.

All have one way or another said that the Holy Spirit guides them in scripture or that Jesus open their eyes.

If they really believe that all they need is scripture, then they should had look at scriptures like these:

Matt 18: 17-18 " If he refuses to listen to them, tell the CHURCH."

Matt 16: 18 " Upon this rock I will build my CHURCH."

1 Tim 3:15 " The CHURCH is the pillar and foundation of TRUTH."

Now they need to find that CHURCH, scripture is talking about:)

Is Paul the 13th Apostle
Yes. Israels New Testament.

Heb 9:15And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.
Heb 9:16For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator.
---Trav on 8/12/21

How did the Bible come about?

Where does God tells Israels that these 27 books belong in the NT?

Finish It Here July 27 2021
Our works are judged at the Judgement seat of Christ, for believers only.
---kathr4453 on 7/30/21

Yes and St Paul tells us about our works..

"each mans work will become manifest, for the Day [judgment day] will disclose it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. If any mans work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire. 1 Cor 3:13-15

Rev 21:27 says " Nothing unclean enters Heaven"

Where is this place that after we die, suffer loss , as through fire but yet safe?

Finish It Here July 27 2021
Ruben, I believe our faith here and now IS tried by fire,
---kathr4453 on 7/27/21

Both 1 Peter 7 and Rev 3:18 supports what 1 Cor 3 13-17 is saying,

1 Cor 3:13 " the work of each will come to light, for the (DAY) will disclose it."

What Day is Paul talking about? Of course judgment day.

"If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire." v15

So our works are not going through fire now, until we meet Jesus. Remember it says ON THAT DAY IT WILL BE REVELED!

So I ask you now , where are our works being purified , so that we shall be saved?

Finish It Here July 27 2021

You asked: So where will our works go thru fire?

Hebrews 9:27 says:
"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment"

We live our lives, and once we die, our lives are judged by God.

---StrongAxe on 7/25/21

Yes I agree,

Scripture tell us:

1 Cor 3:13 " the work of each will come to light, for the Day will disclose it."

The judgement is not in Heaven , for "Nothing unclean enters Heaven'Rev 21:27

So I ask again Where does this cleansing take place?

And so many of you believe that once you die, you go directly to Heaven, scripture tell us we have to go thru fire before we go with Jesus.

Who Are The Children Of Promise

1 Corinthians 3:8-15 talks about our works being judged by fire.

15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire.

I.e. people who are saved, yet their disobedient works are destroyed by fire.
---StrongAxe on 7/23/21


Where does this cleansing take place,

1 Cor 3:13 " the work of each will come to light, for the Day will disclose it."

It can not be Heaven, Rev 21:27 tell us "Nothing unclean enters heaven'

And of course it not hell!

So where will our works go thru fire?

Who Are The Children Of Promise

kathr4453* Confessing sin is not salvation.

Are you sure about this?

"will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing." IF"

kathr4453 *Confessing sin is not salvation....( The unsaved don't confess sins)

Why should they if confessing our sins does nothing to you!

kathr4453* maybe your are Catholic. And that still doesn't guarantee salvation.

Being saved is not a one- time event:

past: Romans 8:24 " " For in hope we WERE saved."

present: 2 Cor. 2:15 For we are the aroma of Christ for God among those who are BEING saved.."

Future: 1 Cor 3:12-15 " " The person Will be saved, but only as through fire."

Fail To Tell The Truth

David8318* from your Bibles all 6973 times qualifies you to be with 'the Lamb'?

Perhaps , it was your group who by writing his name 6973 are the guilty one!

And if his name is so important, then why does Acts 4:12 say,"for there is no other name [v10 Jesus Christ] under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved"?

David8318 *As Rev.14:1 says, the 144,000 have "the name of the Father written on their foreheads"deleted.

If you say that 144,000 is literally , then they must also have on the foreheads his name, correct?

Still waiting on the question I asked ' So since you use his name as a JW, than you must be one of the 144,000 that are 'seal', right?

Fail To Tell The Truth

Ah... but the JW's and the 144,000 both use God's name!

"Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Fathers name written on their foreheads"- Rev.14:1 (NIV).

What is the name of Jesus' Father?

"That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth"- Psalms 83:18 (KJV of 1611).

The 144,000 are "sealed" because they use and worship Jesus' Father... Jehovah God!

---David8318 on 5/6/21

So since you use his name as a JW, than you must be one of the 144,000 that are 'seal', right?

Salvation In The Church
But if a sacrament is only a copy-cat thing . . . this can not work.

---Bill on 4/11/21

Like believing that the Eucharist and Baptism are symbols, I agree!

Salvation In The Church


How do YOU know if someone else's decisions on which books are in the Bible or not are, in fact, guided by the Holy Spirit? If one church includes Tobit and another does not, how do YOU know which is right?
---StrongAxe on 3/14/21

The Early Church Fathers and Councils who voted which books belong in the Bible in the early 3rd and fourth century had in fact Tobit, then in the 1500, Protestant come along and decide take it out,which group do you think had it right?

And if they were in fact not guided by the Holy Spirit , then why would you say the Bible is the final authority?

Salvation In The Church
(Wise choices, but not Divinely Mandated ones.)
---StrongAxe on 3/12/2

If the Bible is an final authority which I believe is where you stand, how can it be just a wise choices and not guided by the Holy Spirit?

Why was Gospel Of Mark chosen and not the Gospel of Thomas?

Why were some of Paul letters left out?

How can this be just wise choices and not Divine mandate?

And since you mention some Ot and NT authors quoted other books that are not in the bible, why do you believe in the bible alone only?

Picture Close To Heart
So, is holding a picture of someone who is alive close to your heart idol worship or not? You still have NOT answered my question. I thought this was a Christian site
---Chria8775 on 1/13/21

No, it is not? This is a Christian site, but if someone answer with it is idol worship and someone else says it is not.

Wouldn't you want to know why they gave their reason to the question ask?

There are not many Catholics on this site in the years I been here. So when someone says praying to Mary is idol worship, if left alone, then all who reads it believes it.

All I did using the BIBLE, is that it is useful and biblical to ask for the saints who have gone before us for their intercessions, BTW is what praying means!

Picture Close To Heart

1 Samuel 28 10-12 " Saul swore to her by the LORD, As the Lord lives, you shall incur no blame for this. Then the women ask him, Whom do you want me to conjure up? and he answered. Samuel. When the women saw Samuel..."

So did God commit sorcery with dealing with a witch, for bring Samuel up?

In the NT did Jesus and Peter commit an abomination for speaking to the dead, after all they did call up the dead?

So when you quote verses like NT Rev 21:8 and 22:15 Isaiah 47:9,57:3 Exodus 22:18, I don't disagree with them, but rather "communicating with the dead has a large category than just a occult side of it.

Scripture shows us there is a divine approved practice in this subject!

Picture Close To Heart

First of all we do not pray to Mary or the saints to raise them to life. You mention that no one should {pray) to dead saints!

All I did was show you in scripture that you can pray to these saints because they are alive, God is a God of the living LK 27-37-38.

Moses and Elijah both spoke to Jesus at the transfiguration. I mention the clouds of witnesses in Heb 12:1 cheering us on! Revelation 5:8, 8:3-4 shows those in Heaven having "prayers of the saints" and a angel presenting to God.

So my point is you can and should pray to these saints because it is biblical and as you mention ( on behalf of God)

Picture Close To Heart
kathr4453 * Would you call Jesus and Peter committing idolatry, when they were speaking to the dead,

St Peter prayed to her when he said Tabitha, rise. She was dead, and he was addressing her. Acts 9:36-41, in fact scripture said he "prayed" before addressing her. Jesus himself did the same thing with the little girl and with Lazarus!

When you wrote that Mary is asleep in the Lord, what did you mean?

Jesus said the the dead saints are alive, calls the Lord the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.Now he is not God of the dead, but of the living,LK 27:37-38

Hebrews 12:1 tell us we are surrounded by a cloud of witness"and they certainly knew what was going on here on earth.

Picture Close To Heart

So correct me if I am wrong, it is ok to have a picture of a love one, say a few words to the picture and hug it but it is not idolatry. But when it comes to Mary, you can not recite a prayer to it because that is different. How do you know the heart of a person who has a picture of Mary? Isn't ok to ask someone here on earth to pray for you? How is it not ok to ask someone who is in Heaven not ok?

James 5:16 says, The prayer of a righteous manavaileth much.

Are not those who are already in Heaven more righteous than those who are in earth?

And since you believe you are a saint, then they are more of a saint then me or you!

Massive Democrat Fraud
That is bad enough, but Woodward interviews revealed Trump DELIBERATELY delayed dealing with it, to PURPOSELY hurt blue states. So 203K Americans are DEAD on the altar of Trump's re-election.---StrongAxe on 11/26/20

Are you talking about Bob Woodward?

He is very Anti-Trump, and you want us to believe him, really! Washing Post got sue from Nick Sandmann for false information..

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