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Do You Miss Trump
Not at all do I miss Trump. He started the time table on the Pullout.

Biden got the interstate repairs started. Trump failed. I have no use for him. Biden is nice and boring. Not perfect. But works hard. Also no people going to jail.

Works Of The Law
Works from Christians is like apples off an apple tree. You do not walk up to a tree with lemons on it and say this is an apple tree.

Christians do right because they love GOD and love others. They produce apples.

Those who say they are an apple tree but produce lemons are hypocrites. So James is pointing to works that show you are a Christian. Not to make yourself a Christian. Or to save your self. Works cannot save. But those who do evil are showing who they follow.

Who Are The Masons
Sadly many look on them as the Bogeyman. They are part of a semi secret organization. President George Washington was one. So were most of our founding Fathers.

Many who say they are Christian are members. Not my job to guess.

A percentage of people use them in Conspiracy theories.

Not my job to judge.

Jews Under The Old Covenant
Each person must be convicted by the Holy Spirit. Only GOD knows who is which.

The temple of the Old Covenant does not exist. So Jews have a form of the Old Covenant that they follow.

If you get a chance many Christians like me follow Covenant Theology.

Nationality Of Jesus
Being a Jew is more their race. Those who live in the United States are Amer4ican. Those who live in Spain are from Spain. Nationality is about the country you are from.

Salvation In The Church
Yes and no. This idea is from the Roman Catholic view.

The view I follow is that all those who love GOD and love others are in the true church. Not the denominations we have now. Love shows who is in the church. They are known only to GOD.

Great Falling Away
The falling away is ongoing. More and more people are leaving churches. There are many different reasons.

But when our eyes are taken off Jesus and look on the World and the hypocrites in the church. Many fall away.

After The Resurrection
Physical. We teach the bodily resurrection. That is what the Bible teaches.

Does DNA Prove Creationism
Sorry I do not see DNA providing strong evidence for Evolution.

I was an agnostic and used to believe in evolution. Which teaches a basic truth. Those animals who reproduce stay alive. Those who don't die out. Only the fittest survive. But a animal walking on land loses their legs and ends up as a Whale in the ocean,. Does not work. DNA follows basic rules. In living cells. No living cells no DNA. No life. So how did non living material become alive? Spontaneous generation does not work. Live only comes from previous life. I had to teach this in public school in Science. Fact.

Was 2020 Election Stolen
Dear Jerry I am a Seventh day Adventist and I love GOD and follow Jesus. I also love my country and have had many family members who served our county. Ove a third of the armed forces are Democrats.

You are spreading hate. That is not what Jesus would do.

Please choose to spread love not hate. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus.

Baptism Gone Wrong
It sounds like some sort of cult leader. Get away from those people. Find a church like the Seventh day Adventist. We wear robes. No other church that I know would do this. Run

Facial Church Attendance
So we are to hate sinners and do our best to persecute them?

Why? Where did Jesus say to hate those who are different?

They are not our enemies. I am so tired of people using the Bible to spread hate instead of love.

Thous shalt love thy neighbor no matter who they are. Haters are not going to heaven.

Satan On Over Drive
Satan is working with humans to destroy the planet. Greed and hate are their choices.

Saved Before Born
I would not call Mormons Psycho. They are deluded by false prophets.

But some can change if approached in love. I have seen it.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Biden is labeled a demon by the far right. That does not make it true. I do not know if Ms. Barrett is a Christian or not. I cannot read minds. But the problem was would her views take over the law. Or would she follow the law. In the last cases with Trump. She followed the law.

Are You Truly Saved
There are two main views on Salvation. One that GOD chooses to save some. The rest he damns. This is TULIP of Calvinism.

Also called Once Saved Always saved. But the problem for many is that Jonathan Edwards and John Calvin both taught that the saved did not live in sin. They live in loving obedience to GOD.

Now days many ignore that in the belief that just saying the words makes a person a Christian.

We know a tree is an apple tree if it produces apples. So a tree that grows lemons. Is not an Apple tree.

Can The Lost Get Saved
There are two views of how people are saved. Calvinism which GOD chooses some for life and the rest for eternal torture.

On the other hand my understanding is the Holy Spirit comes to all. But not all choose to let the Holy Spirit change them from sinner to Saint.

I cannot agree with GOD not loving everyone. But that he hates most of the people he has created. So I cannot support Calvinism. I support Arminianism.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
The bigger problem is teaching that it is okay to live in sin. Jesus died to save us not just from hell but from living in hate and sin.

Remember the servants who did all things right. Not to be saved but because they were filled with love. Many refuse to read Titus, or James. Others ignore First John.

Those who love GOD will love others.

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