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Orthodox Church Priesthood
David again bearing false witness before deciding to leave. David is leaving because David was caught in his sin of slander and false doctrine, and couldn't apologize for any of his sin here. Rather then repent and confess his sin, which those who claim to be sinless cannot do, because it would be admitting he's not perfect.

When David and Trav decided to bring these threads to rock bottom, Trav falling in a whole David dug for Strongaxe, calling StrongAxe a FILTHY NAME and pointing this out to him , he called it hateful. Nothing about Trav hateful words to Strongaxe, which I find appalling .

Well David, good riddance to you who's pride refuses to apologize for all the slander and trouble making you posted and caused here.

Do You Miss Trump
Seeing a rally held in KY thinking over 10,000 would show up , less than 350 showed. So I would surmise that very few folks these days miss least in Kentucky.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
There is no such word a psychophant. Trav thought he would be funny by changing the spelling and the definition. Sycophant is the correct word, and is not Trav FILTHY definition. It's sad David didn't jump in and correct Trav here, thinking Trav is a saint who can do no wrong.

Because this childish behavior continues, and those who call it out are accused of being hateful, is calling evil good and good evil in my book.

So seeing David and Trav have brought this site to took bottom, I have decided to leave.

God bless you all.

Do You Miss Trump
The issue is who you promote support and their election platforms.".................1Co 6:9Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
---Trav on 9/12/21

To say Republicans don't commit the sins listed above is ludacris. Now after just reading Romans 2 God says those who judge others but do the same things will not escape His wrath.

So why is anyone promoting and equating Republicans to Christians ? Isn't that the idolatry here in America? Idolizing Republicans as if they were God and speak for God? Even Satan can transform himself into a preacher of righteousness.

What Was Paul's Gospel
Paul uses MY GOSPEL 3 times, and THE GOSPEL over 25 times. 1) Paul says MY GOSPEL in 2 Timothy 2:8 referring to Jesus death and resurrection.

Jesus death and resurrection was prophecied in the OT. 2) Paul says MY GOSPEL is according to THE MYSTERY. Well putting these two together, we know THE MYSTERY was not Jesus death and resurrection. 3) MY GOSPEL in Romans 2, God is going to judge the hearts and minds of EVERY MAN FROM ADAM AND EVE FORWARD. THE ONLY GOSPEL was never a mystery or secret. Genesis 3:15 announced THE GOSPEL...and Abel's animal sacrifice showed they understood THE GOSPEL. So did Job. So Pauls MY GOSPEL was built upon the Apostles and prophets, not one man called Paul.

Do You Miss Trump
Jerry, I'm going to wait until the GREAT WHITE THROWN JUDGEMENT before passing judgement on anyone. Seeing I'm not God and cannot see everything, I'm not qualified to pass judgement on anyone.

I think this is what God meant by not Judging. Presidents inherit messes of previous presidents and even things they do in secret. I see Trump did a lot of things in secret, and by himself. So until Trump stands before God to explain his hand in this mess, I'll wait on others explanations as well.

You however can continue to spew your hate filled heart. Seeing you are still earthly and part of this world system in the first place. You are actually an enemy of the Cross. Just read Philippians 3 to the end.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
The word sycophant came from early Greek meaning a slanderer. In Early English 1600's also meant slanderer.

So I think we've hit rock bottom here thanks to Trav and David actually being the very thing they have accused another of being.

I find it interesting God wants us all to be of one kind and saying the same thing, and when folks here do, walla, the sinless make not only slanderous accusations, but seem to be upset at Gods will on top of it.

1 Corinthians 1:10 is not in either of their bibles.

How can discussions continue when theirs is void of ...let's say , 1 Corinthians 1:10 for starters? The jealousy of David is so evil, a sycophant fell right in David's sin filled trap. BRAVO.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
So to conclude the veil that was between the outer and inner sanctuary was a type and shadow of Jesus... His flesh, and Jesus once and for all by his own blood opened the way to God the Father for ALL to be able to come boldly to the throne of Grace. That's what it means that no one can come to the Father except THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. So NOW the way into the Holy of Holies is open for ANYONE WHO COMES THROUGH CHRIST. There is no other way to God. But we have to be washed once and for all in the blood of Jesus. And that is BY FAITH, not by some earthly priest claiming he holds the key. It's also what ENTERING INTO HIS REST MEANS AS WELL.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
So the actual argument against the Orthodox and RCC priesthood is that they too continually offer Jesus up over and over and over ...

Once was enough.

And seeing scripture does not teach cannibalism, we see even that verse is taken out of context. It actually means to be crucified with Christ. Something the Kingdom now folks never understood. Jesus was alluding to His death and resurrection and our identification with Jesus in death and resurrection life.. also explained in Hebrews 10... WE ENTER THROUGH THE VEIL THAT US TO SAY HIS FLESH. If you study all of Hebrews it will explain...that before Jesus death and resurrection ONLY THE HIGH PRIEST could enter THROUGH THE VEIL, but not without blood. That is OVER.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
This is absolutely true David, but you said you asked the question solely hoping I would attack Strongaxe. Seeing Strongaxe is not Orthodox, and does not kill bulls and goats daily for the sins of the people. I didn't think you actually wanted the correct answer.

You see Hebrews 10, having to do with the Blood of Jesus Christ was not just to cover sin. You however treat the Blood of Jesus the same way the OT used the blood of animals, as a temporary covering.

So there is so much more to the Priesthood than you understand.

Every word of Hebrews 10 goes into a deeper understanding that Jesus offered His own blood ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Do You Miss Trump
Jerry is steeped in Q propaganda.

It's useless to have a reasonable conversation with those steeped in this CULT.

To say Trump wasn't aware of Rudy's agenda is preposterous . And to say Trump was ignorant of ALL THOSE INDICTED AND TRIED AND SENTENCED is preposterous. If he was so ignorant of these others outside activities he never should have been president. We don't need a cluless president running this country. It's dangerous.

But as long as you have your tinfoil hat on Jerry....I guess you can hide under it.

What Is The Purpose Of Blogs
The leaven of the Pharisees. It's not a verse to attach to anything you want.

Paul states a little leaven ruins the whole lump. Paul who was at one time proud to be a Pharisee shows what it is and isn' Philippians 3 for clarification.

Mixing Law with Grace is ruins the whole of GRACE. Galatians 2:20-21. David teaches a perfect example of this leaven, because he can't grasp GRACE and must mix in the LAW to satisfy his self-righteousness. So we see the Pharisees were self righteous because they claimed they kept the law perfectly and condemned those who did not...( which no one can). The Law was added so sin would abound not the opposite.

Do You Miss Trump
Not sure why being against vigilante justice is being a hypocrite. I stated even under the Law of Moses no such practice existed. Shouldn't our resident 'know it all' know that? Evidently not. Fools rush in and shoot off their mouth where angels dare to tread.

Even the wise know to think first before speaking. I bet Trav got laughed at a lot while in school. Couldn't follow direction, didn't know what page everyone is on, just spouts off the first thing in his head. He is still doing it.

Do You Miss Trump
The one spewing hate here is Jerry accusing anyone not in love with DT as a communist . Such extreme accusations again breaking the 9th commandment. But so did DT do to anyone he thought was his enemy not totally loyal to him. Actually any man who commands such loyalty is against scripture. So Jerry decide where you stand...with man or scripture. Even the Apostles never commanded such personal loyalty to them. Our loyalty is to Jesus Christ not man.

Because you are so against clearly defined scripture , I have no respect for anything you have to say. You've lost credibility.

Explain Acts 2:38
Well at least David was honest about his sin of trying to cause division here between posters, HOPING I would be as ignorant as David thinking I would attack Strongaxe who I know is not Orthodox only because I do read these posts and already saw Strongaxe say he's not.

But I guess this mischief is not called SIN in the Gospel of David. Seeing David clearly stated here WHY he asked that question , can't wiggle out of it now.

How sad that one has to stoop so low here in order to take advantage.

Trying to look good by making another look bad is the lowest form of life possible. Hotdog water.


Orthodox Church Priesthood
David, you have proved over and over your ignorance of scripture and what others believe. Your false accusation prove you have no clue what another believes.

But seeing many do know how to rightly divide the truth, and know that IN THE CHURCH AGE we need not poke out eyes or cut off hands, one can rightly divide that is not GRACE but LAW.

You are free to hack off any part of yourself that continues to sin. Will you 1) cut out your tongue? 2) OT cut off your hands so you will stop posting lies , so you can enter in. Look, I'm not going to stop you. If it keeps you from sinning all means hack away. I'll believe it when YOU do it. If you don't do it, then YOU TOO don't believe or obey EVERY WORD JESUS SAID.

Explain Acts 2:38
Is Paul the author and finisher of your faith? That comment COULD be something addressing hyper-dispensationalists, who exclusively believe in only SOME of Pauls epistles EXCLUDING THE REST OF SCRIPTURE. They don't believe the Church is under any covenants in scripture, just Pauls select letters.

So I would say, know who you are accusing before throwing the first punch and hitting the wrong person.

I believe Pauls gospel was built upon ALL THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, just as scripture says and as Paul states, JESUS CHRIST BEING THAT FOUNDATION, AKA THE CHIEF CORNER STONE.....NOT PAUL. Ephesians 2:20

The problem is, some folks can't read and throw anything at you exposing their ignorance and credibility.

What Is The Purpose Of Blogs
Just posting scripture about Israel any wing nut and or criminal can do. No ones salvation is hinged on posting OT prophecy about Israel. We are saved because we believe OT Prophecy about the Messiah. Posting only about Israel doesn't show a person's character . It proves nothing and is totally void of the Gospel or ones growth and sanctification. Even a murderer in prison can get on the Internet and post ISRAEL THIS AND ISRAEL THAT, but it says nothing about the person posting. It's easy for any abuser to find a subject to hide behind. He's still an abuser. He still may be a drunk or drug addict. And using scripture inappropriately is just another sign one really doesn't understand the first thing about God, much less Israel.

Orthodox Church Priesthood
David singling out the Orthodox and excluding the RCC is a dead give away of your motives here.

Are you always so confused with who believe what? It appears so, as 100% of your false accusations are directed to the wrong person. This proves The Holy Spirit is not in you, as the Holy Spirit in you would NEVER make such a mistake OVER AND OVER AND OVER aka continuing to sin. 1John says those who CONTINUE to sin are not born of God.

Aren't your false accusations and slander SIN? Or like Jimmy Swaggart you just call mistakes? redefining sin!

Are you sure YOU aren't a follower of Jimmy Swaggart?

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