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Do Animals Go To Heaven
After reading all of this blog, I still did not see any actual scripture about animals in heaven, either pro or con. I did see a lot of individual interpretation, which is not actual black and white (or written in red) scripture. I don't BELEIVE that we should be arguing (yes you are arguing) this point, because if a non-believer read this page, they would only see 2 puffed-up fools trying to prove an unprovable point, just to prove themselves right.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I disciplined my children with a mid-size wooden spoon over their clothes. the rules I followed were: be consistent, spanking should never be used in anger but should cause some slight discomfort, explain to your children what you expect from them before you spank so they know why they are being spanked, spank only for outright defiance, spank in private (no need to shame and embarass them), and then love your child after the spanking. Spend more time loving your child and you will not need to spank them very much or for very long. Your children will follow your directions when they love you because you loved them first. Same as our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

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