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How To Properly Spank My Kids
I would say pants and underwear down, that is what i do to my two boy's(twins age 5) and it works.

I Hate My Husband
I also hate my husband. Four kids ages 17 - 5 and he is a major alcholic. He is a worthless loser and I make more money than he does! Problem is - we can't sell our house because we owe more than it is worth currently. Not believing in divorce is silly. King Henry VIII invented his own religion (away from Catholicism) so he could get a divorce from Queen Mary of Aragon. Do what YOU have to do to maintain your sanity. As soon as I can sell my house, I am gone!

Overweight Female Relative
In regards to the comments about overweight individuals having difficulties getting jobs or finding love, I have to say that I did not see malicious intent behind those words. The fact of the matter is that people by nature can have a biased toward those who are more attractive. It is certainly unfortunate, but they have done studies proving this.

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