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Should I Approve An Atheist
Pray & trust the Lord. Let her learn the ways of atheism are not good. Don't let her run all over top of you. Draw the line. Keep in mind there may be grandchildren one day. Try to let your everyday life be a witness for Christ. Let your light shine, even if you don't "preach" at them. One day they might find out Jesus Christ is easier to believe than believing in atheism. Try filling your home with Christian music (Modern Worship might sound good to them. "Redeemer" by Nichole C. Mullen & "Healing Rain" are annointed songs, many come to Christ after hearing those. Anybody would be touched by them.), Christian t.v.. Ask for the Holy Ghost and ask Him to bring her and her husband back to Christ.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
steveng- Children are not hardened criminals, but they can become that way if you harden their hearts. The Lord's mind was on love and not violence. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. If you give railing for railing, what will you get? Violence. It is up to the parents to teach their children to be kind and not violent, and it can't be done if you are wishy-washy and spank them. I used to spank mine, but I found out a better way that worked fine. What I wrote on 3-25-09, I found out from experience, and it will work with any child. Endear the child to you by being good to him or her and teach them to love the Lord. Take time to know them and cherish their innocence.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
in re to 3-25-09 post of mine: Another reason children might act up is frustration. Sometimes people fence little ones in with too many orders like this one: Go to your room and play. They might be afraid to play in their rooms (some places have demonic activity, even in so called Christian homes). There is a reason a child will be bad, and you should take time to gently and lovingly find out what it is. Some people, out of habit, or a feeling of control or bad temper will deny simple little requests of the child. Sometimes, possibly even many times, their requests could be granted, and they would be happy and so would you.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
zimbabwean- Some people fake having the Holy Spirit, and they may make up their own words. Some may have demons and speak gibberish, and act crazy. Yet some people do really have the Holy Spirit of God.

Ghosts Of The Dead
natalie2- Wear your rose-colored glasses if you wish, but they are demons and I don't have to be there to know it. Acts 19:9-16 Some men tried to cast out demons with the name of Jesus whom Paul preached, and the demon notably said, "Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?" and the man with the demon attacked them, and they fled out of the house naked and wounded. They didn't have the Holy Spirit.

Christians Celebrate Passover
AG- People can worship God any way they see fit, but God is not pleased with just any form of worship.

How Do Jews Atone For Sins
Ken- (3-15-09) My Bible doesn't have those names in it. If that name was so sacred, why did God tell them to write it at all? The Name of God is magnified. Your Bible might have those names in it because you bought a special one. The one I have is the one approved by God because it is favored the world over. Also, the ones who wrote it deceived no one, for they were very pious, and careful to do as God directed. They were not mass-marketed as today, they were handled with care, and prayed over. See if you can find out what happened to the ones who published the A.B. Traina version of the Holy Name Bible. There is a website you may find interesting. Think about the sacred name movement and put dot com behind it. Verrrrrry Interrrresting.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
Yes, they are still available.

Christians Not Punished
No. God will punish the sinners who haven't repented.

Proof That God Exists
richard- Did you call on God for help? Did you give your life to Christ? Did you repent of your sins? Ask Him to prove to you that He exists.

Is Cussing Sinful
Yes. Cussing is a sin.

Ghosts Of The Dead
natalie2- Demons are very delusional. They will go in and out of a person when they want to. They want to deceive, and they don't care if they make any sense at all. Fasting might not count any more to cast them out, you need the Holy Spirit of God. Even the Name of Jesus will not cast them out if you don't have the Holy Spirit. Demons are very harmful. They may be subtle about it, working on your mind and soul, instead of announcing themselves. Eventually, they will take you over. They give sickness and disease. If the babies seemed safe, it was because they were babies and God would not allow the demons to attack them.

Christians Celebrate Passover
danelle- You spoke of Proverbs. In the book of Romans 10:4, is this news item: "For Christ is the end of the law...." Galatians 5:18 "But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law...." Acts 15 is very revealing concerning keeping the law, and passover was part of that Old Covenant. The gentiles were told by the Holy Ghost through the apostles that they did not need to keep the law (verses 28-29), neither did they need to keep a tradition - circumcision. Also, Paul pointed out that the Holy Ghost had put no difference between them and the Gentiles, purifying their hearts through faith (verse 9).

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