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Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
It is a sin if you contributed nothing to welfare to start with. Then, you are feeding off of the labor of others at no cost to yourself. This person is also called a freeloader, a sponge, a leech, a parasite or the worst of the word, a scab. For Social Security, you earn your 40 points by working 10 years making a certain amount of gross income per year toward the maximum of 4 points per year. It is a sin if you did not earn it. Sad to see but the system is your basic Ponzi Scheme: money paid-in is spent immediately, as more people fall into welfare, a greater number of people are needed to continue the game.

I Am Doubting God Exists
Intelligent Design. Evolution is its' own religion and the Marxist way of thinking. There is a God and He knows your name and the number of hairs on your head from birth to death. Look up to the heavens and say, "God are you real?" You will feel God's power move within you and breathe in new life. If you are really sincere, you'll know the truth in your spirit. The truth is that we did not evolve from monkeys. If you want to be like a monkey, go to the zoo. If you want to uncover the mysteries of the universve, go to God?

Obama Is Bankrupting America
President's Bush and Obama are not destroying America, the banks are! In 1913, the Federal Reserve took control of the U.S. printing press. There is nothing federal about them and they have no reserves. Basically, those in charge are puppets to the bankers. You hear the word's 'toxic assets' being thrown about these days. Toxic assets = derivatives = gambling debts by the banks and insurance companies. Taxpayers are paying on these gambling debts.

I Am Doubting God Exists
God exists. You've heard the sarcastic saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." God is not responsible for the evil's caused by mankind. Everyone has a choice to do good or evil. War, poverty, pestilence and famine are preventable if those in charge were honest and forthright. Society is running downhill as the prime goal in life is to line one's pockets: be drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. There is a God but we make our own beds by using the God-given right of free choice.

Religion Is The Root Of Evil
And Dawkins is wrong on this point of religion being the cause. Money is the root and religion is used by evil men and women to mask the root. We listen to leaders say, "I'm a Christian", and yet they fly their military half-way across the globe to kill the non-Christians. The motive is always money at the root. Money is the root of all evil. You find a war, trace the root. The economy is collapsing: what happened to the money?

I Suddenly Lost My Son
I'm sorry for your loss. Praying is a powerful event. I'm sure your son is watching over his mother (you) from heaven. You already have two angels watching over you: goodness and mercy. When I pray, I'm thankful for everything that Jesus has given me. There is so much to be thankful for, even during this economic collapse. I'm afraid to pray because my prayers are answered. When you pray, know in your heart that you have a direct link to God. This link is faster than a satellite hook-up, faster than email, faster than the U.S. Postal Service and faster than the speed of light (186K Miles Per Second). When the words leave your mouth, the Lord listens.

Is Amercia In The End Times
America is not mentioned in end times due to three possible scenarios:

1. Nuclear attack which Richard Maybury discussed in his newsletter. Once again, something our intelligence services know in advance due to their hundreds of billions of dollar budgets for sniffing these things out.
2. Rapture. 30 million Americans or more, gone in a flash. Talk about economic collapse, a rapture would decimate the economy.
3. Collapse of the U.S. Dollar. As the Dollar goes, so goes the country. In 1971, Nixon made our currency fully fiat. Fiat as in faith-based currency: we believe it to be worth whatever we are told it is worth.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
You do it with love but you spank. First, you explain the situation to the child. Then, follow through with your promise. The problem with children today is worse than ever before. Liberalism is destroying our children. I'm sure you've seen the smirk of a 2-year old or the mischievous smile. The discipline is done with love. I've seen the timeout lead to a child being upset and their revenge being taken out on the issuer of the motivational tool. For me, I don't think spanking should be done with the hand. The hand is a nurturing device to hold, comfort and make better. Timeouts are for sports.

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