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When To Stop Praying For Wife
Im sorry to hear that. Im in a similar position also. What you need to do is the hardest thing to do. Stop looking for answers from people. Ask God for His help, and wait. His answer is the only one that matters. In the meantime, life doesnt stop. Focus on your relationship with the Lord, focus on your career, and find hobbies to take your mind off of your circumstances. Get into a support group like Celebrate Recovery. It helps take your mind off the pain when you are helping others in pain. it also helps to see others are in similar circumstances and know you are not alone. God is always there, even when you cant see Him.

Did Adam And Eve Go To Heaven
i don't know where they went. but the bible never says if or when they turned from following the serpent.

Catholic Becomes A Mason
catholics are masons. Research it, you will be amazed at what you find. The rituals, hand shakes, terminology, etc. They even worship the same god. If you did not know this you are cosidered a "Goyim" in their eyes. There is a series called "total onslaught" which goes into great detail about the relationship between masons and catholics. I will pray for You!

How To Be Saved
Read the Book of ACTS! This will tell you exactly how to be saved. The sinners prayer is a man made doctrine, you need to REPENT, BE BAPTIZED IN JESUS NAME, and Receive the gift of the HOLY GHOST.

How To Get The Holy Spirit
Well put Rodney, most people would like to believe that we "accept Jesus as our personal savior" (which is no where in the entire bible) and whammo we are saved for ever! They also like to believe that we accept Jesus, when it is the other way around. God calls us. For us to think that we accept him and he is worthy for us is blasphemy! Most people simply do not even read the book of Acts or for that matter do the things commanded in Acts. Then they think the rest of the books of the New Testament are written to them. The rest of the books written to SAVED churches. Unless you follow the book of Acts you are not saved.......

Use The King James Bible
The new translations use many words that do not reflect the true meaning of the passage, and it is imperative that you understand what God is saying. Many words get lost in translation. I would suggest getting a Exhaustive Concordance and sticking with the KJV. You will find words that you think in English are one way but, when you look them up in Hebrew or Greek they mean something totally different. You can use free concordances on the web to see what I mean. Esword is free

Who Invented Evolution
The devil created evolution. The devil has the people who do not believe in GOD right where he wants them, spewing his lies. They are so far removed that they don't stop to really think about evolution. WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS? Perhaps Darwin will interceed for them at Judgement. If you want to stake your salvation on a man, you will definitely get what you want in the END, a loooooooooooong time with your pal Darwin.............

Do All Non-Believers Go To Hell
Where in the Bible is there scripture about Mortal Sin?

Jesus With Water Baptism
No! It is very simple.. First of all there as no such thing as "accepting JESUS as your personal savior" never written in the Bible. ACTS 2:38 tells sinner what they must do to be saved. Repent! not "accept" Jesus, Be Baptized! Not sprinkled, if you want to, if you feel like it. And you shall Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. You will know when you have the Holy Ghost because there is a sign that follows. Speaking in Tongues. Just read ACTS for yourself, not what you have learned or what you have been taught. Just read the entire book (for yourself) and see if you don't come to the same conclusion. God is not the author of Confusion. The Devil is!!

Bible References Trinity
The Trinity takes away the Deity of Christ, therefore a spirit of Anti-Christ. Just like Mormonism, Islam, Freemasonry, Catholicism, etc, etc, etc. Why do you think the trinity movement is so big? Matt 7:13-14. Wide is the gate. MANY there be which go in thereat. Straight is the gate. FEW THAT FIND IT. Only 8 People were saved on the Ark. ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM (JESUS NAME). You would think that if there were 3 gods- the words them, and they would be used all the time. Ask a Jew how many gods there are? Or for that matter look in the OLD TESTAMENT. Perhaps look and see if the Trinity comes from the Catholics?We know they are RIGHT? I believe Mary had to be saved as well in the upper room. She's not a god! Sorry.

What Does Born Again Mean
It is pretty simple. Acts 2:38 states it clearly. Un-saved people ask Peter "What shall we do" John 3:5 Except a man be born of "WATER AND SPIRIT" he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. (Water) baptism in JESUS name, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost (spirit baptism) with evidence of speaking in tongues. They continue preaching this throughout the New Testament. Is it not wonderful how simple the word of God is? But we as humans always want to change it or mess it up. Praise the Lord everyone!!! Have a wonderful day.

Your Favorite Bible Verses
Acts 2:38- This is the 1st sentences spoke to non-saved individuals on how to get saved. It is so pure and simple.

God Bless.

Are Tongues For Today
Rob, you are lost. It is not about literal snakes and poison. It is talking people like you. The Bible is filled with types and shadows. It is evident by your blogging that you have limited knowledge of the Bible. It is because you don't have Gods spirit living inside of you, therefore you will not understand Gods word. I clearly point this out in my blogging today. Perhaps you should read those scriptures and then ask questions, or give us some proof scripturally yourself. I believe Matt 7:6 talks about situations like this.

Are Tongues For Today
Mark, do you honestly think that verse 18 has to do with REAL SERPENTS & REAL POISION?
This verse is referring to people such as yourself. It is amazing to me that you and many like yourself take verses you do not understand and write about them. The New Testament is full of scripture addressing this exact topic. Do you understand MATT 13: 10-17. I is also interesting to me that you would be SO opposite of Jesus and the apostles teachings. See with out the infilling of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues you are not filled with Gods spirit. It does not work to simply say a couple of sentences and "accept Jesus as your personal savior" Again, what do YOU believe you have to do to get saved?

Are Tongues For Today
Mark 2, What do you think the apostles doctrine is? In Galations 1:6-12. Do you realize Paul is so adament about verse 8 he repeats it in 9. REPEATS it, why do you think that is so? Because people like yourself will try to change the Gospel. You yourself said that you read all these books written by MAN, when the only book you need is the inspired word of GOD. Acts 19: 2-6 it is clear that you can believe and not receive the Holy Ghost. It is also clear that Paul was not speaking in tongues to the men before he re-baptized them, but afterwards what happens? HUMMMM. Oh yeah, they spake in Tongues. To who? Clearly not to Paul, he was already speaking with them before they spoke in tongues.

Are Tongues For Today
Mark 3
To GOD! Just like I explained to you before on the prayer language of tongues and you did not answer me back. So Mark, do you think it is possible you believe and do not yet have the Holy Ghost? Perhaps you are like the men in Acts 19:2-6. John 3:5-8 is very clear, you cannot enter the Kingdom of GOD unless you are born of water and of Spirit. In verse 8 he says that a sound will accompany those born of the spirit-not some, not his friends, not just the apostles, not just back in there time, EVERY ONE!!! who is born of the spirit. He explains that sound as TONGUES in Acts 2:2-4.

Are Tongues For Today
Rob because the blog topic is about Tongues. The next verse is another topic.

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