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What Is A Registered Church
Marcia Kathr, the holiness preacher's wife, Prodigal24 the preacher and prophet, too. She's never left these blogs for a day since 2005. And those titles you gave us, "Crucifier of Flesh, Ponderer of Thoughts, Consecrator, and Meditator. Be Blessed!" Oh Brother. I can feel the humility there.

Against Women Preachers
You do have core belief systems that come out.
The good thing about exposing all of these names and lives, when you become bored with the old batch, a new batch of lives will reappear, because for you, it's fun.
It's not going to stop until you stop, or until you become so nasty, like the old T.S., that people no longer answer you.
In the future, knowing your tactics, people will spot you sooner. They'll know they are speaking to somone who would tell a falsehood if the truth sounded better.

Against Women Preachers
One of the personalities always dominates the others. Robyn - I see you've come out of hiding when Marcia or one other of Kathr's personalities are taking the heat.
But all of you are fundamental holiness, isn't one of you actually the preacher's wife? That would make you roar like a lion to be in charge of most everything - especially since old daddy doesn't look so good and is probably getting tired.

Can Salvation Be Lost
You're teaching false doctrines under all of your names.
The Scripture says we are to expose false teaching in the Church.

Can Salvation Be Lost
Cheap grace, false doctrine.
Kathr teaches - refers to as "cheap grace"

One almost universal characteristic of cult groups is their extremely harsh criticism of the church in general. Kathr's views and argumentation are some form of fundamental holiness.

Cheap grace/false doctrines tells others get out from underneath leadership that has allowed a grace message that gives people a license to sin.

Can Salvation Be Lost
I don't know of any Bible-teaching, grace-believing churches who give people a "license to sin." This "come-out-of-Babylon" rant does not reflect a sincere desire to encourage Christian holiness as much as it reflects Kathr's contempt for the teaching of the trinity. Kathr is in bad company; another characteristic of cults is their propensity to refer to the churches contemptuously as "Babylon."

Can Salvation Be Lost
Adventists of all stripes, consider themselves to be that faithful remnant, as do the Jehovahs Witnesses and other pseudo-Christian sects. All of them have believed themselves to be "restoring true Christianity" to the world after it was "lost" by the big bad church at some point in Christian history. Kathr looks to be jumping into that leaky rowboat hoping to restore that "true remnant" just one more time. Will you be joining Kathr?

Can Salvation Be Lost
Teachers of the false cheap grace doctrine -
Working Hard For Eternal Life

Kathr's idea of salvation involves earning God' approval by her own Herculean efforts. In her view, grace is costly - costly works are what matter! "So you see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone." Kathr finds herself in bad company.

Can Salvation Be Lost
Salvation is a GIFT (Rom. 6:23).
Sadly, like all cults and pseudo-Christian groups, Kathr ridicules this teaching as "cheap grace".

Like all cults and psuedo-Christian groups, Kathr's salvation, as laid out in her writings, "the Jesus-plus plan." A works-centered salvation where the sacrificial death of Jesus will only be applied to those who perform the "right types and amounts" of works differ from cult to cult, but the core idea is the same.

Church Altar Church For Prayer
Robyn, aren't you the pastor's wife?

Pastor's Wife Title
Leon, as a pastor's wife, you would know those things. Purple is the color of royalty, do you wear royal robes when you're on your throne, Kathr?

Giants After The Flood
Leon, I think there is another Leon on an older blog that does not believe races should mix or marry. I think you are a different Leon, sorry.
However, I think TS/Kathr and Jerry/Larry are related.

Giants After The Flood
Leon, aren't you really another TS/Kathr.
There's so many of you. I don't know if you're married to Jerry or Larry, or if you are Jerry/Larry.

Responsiblities Of Pastor's Wife
T.S./TS/Kathr, I get the picture now. You are a pastor's wife - is Jerry your husband?
You were in some sort of holiness church.

Responsiblities Of Pastor's Wife
Here's the sad part, something must have happened. Either you had a falling out with some pastor or people started leaving your church. Kathr, you're teaching many false doctrines to others. You are absolutely convinced that what you are speaking is truth, but it is not. Until that changes, people will probably continue to flee from you in your non-blogging church life. The Great Falling Away is due to false doctrine.

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