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Let Him Restore The Marriage
I'm sorry to be the one that has to break this to you...your bf was never yours to begin with. He belongs to someone else and has since he said "I do". Maybe your call IS to lead a God-ly life...I'm certain that it is...but, living with someone else's husband (divorce, seperation, adultery, etc does not absolve anyone from their covenant with God) is not living a God-ly life. Please do the right thing and remove yourself from this situation..however hard this may be for you.. and allow this man to reunite with his wife and lead his God-ly life. There are plenty of men out there, don't allow temptation to cloud your decisions or pull you from the God-ly life that you are being called towards. Good luck and God Bless.

Will God Restore My Marriage
I think some of you are reading a wrong translation of a justified reason for allowing divorce biblically speaking. It is not in the case of is in the case of an unlawful union.. for instance one of God's people joining with those that they were forbidden from God to be joined to (lest they be tempted into Idoltery, worship of false gods..not Adultery).. that being said.. the first marriage is the covenant marriage in MOST cases whether they were remarried or not. However, the BEST answer to this is to pray on it and LISTEN for what GOD is guiding you to do. His Will...not ours!

How Can I Save My Marriage
I can't believe that all of you people are so jaded. They are married for crying out loud. Yes, you are suppose to let go and let God...but that doesn't mean that you give up! When did we as a nation decide that marriage isn't that important or worth fighting for? When did we decide that because someone else is doing the wrong thing that we too should just follow suite?? I'm not saying to become a door mat..but marriage is a commitment and it takes work and it IS a covenant with God. Pray for your own strength, pray for your spouse that God may soften then hardened hearts...and pray for the other person..yes! pray for the other person too. Good luck and God Bless you!... yes, I too am going thru this

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
I know how you feel and I just lost my husband too. I am 42 and he was only 35 when he went up to heaven. Maybe we could both help each other. I feel so lonely without him.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
I believe that women should dress in modest apparel...if a woman chooses to wear pants to church, that should be, what I call a personal conviction, between her and God. If the Holy Spirit leads her into not wearing pants, then she should following the prompting, and be obedient. As a true God fearing Christian, I would be "out of place" not attending church, more than wearing pants "to" church!

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