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Is There A Burp Demon
Pure nonsense.

Born Again Single Men
thank you all
im just going on and reading, really interesting
just want to say to our sister, God is the author of all things, wait upon him with prayer and supplication.
i know its hard being single i am too. but girl its worth every moment waking up anytime a wrap yourself with Jesus' arms.

James Robison Ski House
What if he is selling the house and giving the money to orphans? Sounds like you are a little green with envy.

Like the parable when the workers who came in at the end of the day got the same pay as those who worked all day long...

Who is John Hagee?
I am form South Africa and I would like to say that it is very unchristain like to talk in the way all of you do.What have you done to win a soul for Jesus?

Disabled People Treated Badly
i think it is not part of this net and im not disabled but i know that when people make fun or treat u badly for ur illness it is horrible.i know that all u have to do is pray to god and he will help you.

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