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Too Early To Marry Again
I would suggest fasting and praying and allowing GOD to give you an answer. Marriage is a big and a serious decision and you want to make sure that you are in GOD'S will about marriage and all things.

God Will Bring My Wife To Me
I disagree with Shira bout no one being able to intercede on your behalf. JESUS in the HOLY SPIRIT is our Chief and Ultimate intercessor, but we we pray for others, we are always interceding on their behalf to help uplift them in the LORD and to seek and ask what GOD will have for them at HIS appointed time and according to HIS will. We also have intercessory prayer ministries throughout the world at at different churches.

I Want Some Christian Friends
Hello new found friend in the LORD. I'll be in touch with you to encourage you and pray with you in the LORD. lasha7746

I Want Some Christian Friends
Hello new found friend in the LORD. I'll be in touch with you to encourage you and pray with you in the LORD.

Never Send Money To People
in response to Barbara's comment. yes there are people who truly do have financial needs. We should continue praying with them and for them and seek the LORD's discernment if we really feeel in our heart that they have a true need and we are able to help. I have a christian pen pal in Liberia who really had a need and work was limited,so I sought the LORD and blessed him because I was able to do so. Now if he would have continued asking and making it a habit, I would have been concerned.

Never Send Money To People
Good advice Randy. There are so many scams going around especially claims from people in other countries trying to get people's bank info. an ss# claiming that relatives died and left thousands of dollars behind and they need other people from theU.S. to claim AND SHARE THE MONEY WITH. I've gotten at least 5 e-mails from different parts of Africa, so they say, with similiar stories.

Friends Stop Emailing Me
May God bless you for your concern and cares about others. I don't think people always mean to ignore you or to stop e-mailing on purpose, especially if you haven't said,done or acted offensively or out of christian character towards them. some people unfornately get caught up in the business of everyday life and it causes them not to keep in contact with friends and even relatives regularly as they should,as Christians and people in general we should not be that way but thanks to GOD for the peace that surpasses understanding.

Spiritual Housecleaning Good
I say well done! It is truly a blessing to know that you feel so strong about your Spiritual Growth and living holy for GOD as the Bible says, that you would get rid the things that are unlike HIM. More Christians should do the same.

God Will Bring My Wife To Me
Yes GOD will show your wife to you before you get married. After all you need to know who you are marrying.(Smile). I just believe that if you seek GOD and believe HIM for the type of wife you want, you sincerely continue to walk right before HIM and continue to prepare yourself as a GODLY husband, HE will give you the desires of your heart. Sometimes GOD move Quick and sometimes takes a while, but what is most important is waiting on HIM and doing the right things according to the WORD in the Meantime. I'll intercede on your behalf for GOD to grant you a GOD fearing Proverbial wife.

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