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Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
Those don't file bankruptcy end up paying for those who do file because the rest of the American population has to pick up the bill for those end up in a rut or put themselves in a rut.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
It is sad to file bankruptcy due to medical reasons. However, the result of this is that medical costs rise for everyone else who uses the system. Americans need a standard medical insurance so everyone is insured but i don't forsee that for a while. I still see bankruptcy as a form of stealing for those who irresponsibily rack up their credit cards and spend carelessly then don't want to pay up since they are deep in debt.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
Bankruptcy is stealing from others because you don't want to pay for it and want the easy way out. We are so used to put things on credit and put ourselves in debt because of irresponsiblity with our finances. I see this as sinning against God because God does not promote stealing like this. We need to be responsible for our selves and obedient to God for what we do.

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
Like the old addage goes" Monkey see, Monkey do". what do you expect when the parents act nasty and don't have any values of their own???? This stuff is past down from generation to generation until someone stops it. Abuse is past down from generation to generation so is behavior. Kids need guidance and disapline and values. they can't learn them if the parents don't have them.

No Sympathy For Katrina Victims
I have had two friends visit N.O. about 30 years ago. One friend told me that if the levies break that they would be sitting in 19 feet of water. he told me he overheard this in a restaurant. both friends will not go back there because it made them nervous seeing that water being held up by those not so good levies. If they knew about it 30 years ago, why didn't they do something during those years to prevent this. it was a tragedy waiting to happen!

When Does A Boy Become A Man
Since when does a man have authority over a woman when they both are equally yoked? When a man does that, it means he is abusive both physically and emotionally. A boy becomes a man when he takes respons. for his actions and treats a woman like a lady and follows God.

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
Spanking has gotten such a bad stereotype these days that people think they will get their kids taken away. well, some people get their kids taken away but not from that(more from stupid things). I have spanked my son but i don't do it often because it doesn't solve everything. i mix it with other forms of punishment. too much spanking can rebell a child to its parent.

Christians With Generational Curse
i wouldn't believe this no matter what. This would be considered superstitious. i don't believe in curses but moreless in a person's mind. If you believe in God, there will be no curse or even such thing.

Can Autistic People Love God
i think from my own experience encountering autistic people is that they understand things different from what we do. Autistic people can be one of the smartest people around but grasp things different. i would guess they could have a relationship with God but as a different way than we do. i don't see any reason they can't because they live differently and reason like us.

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