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Can The Dead Speak To Us
"Part 2: Job 14:12,21 (The dead are unconscious and unaware of what is going on around them),Psalm 104:29 (reverse process of creation), Psalm 146:4 (No breath=no thoughts),Eccl 9:5,6,10(the dead know nothing),Dan 12:2 (when someone dies they are not awaken until the resurrection at the second coming).John 5:28-29(same)John 6:39(same)John 11:11-14(Jesus referred death as sleep)NB/ Lazarus never spoke about life after death.Because he knew nothing."
Jenny, What do don't understand is that when God talks about the dead, he talks about your physical body in the grave not your spiritual body. Our God is the god of the living not the dead! And no one has being sentenced to death yet by god except Satan.

Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes
I think , acording to the bible, tithes and offerings arent bills, are something that dont belong you , belong God, you just separate and give back to God, doing that you are under the blessings of God. God bless you.

Is This Prophetess Of God
Deanna, they hear far worse out there in the world, you know that.
From the time that the tower of Babel was torn down, there are many languages and many denominations in the Church. God likes variety, it's healthy so that we don't all fall in the ditch, together. Checks and balances. It's scriptural to discern what spirits are in operation in ministries. If we don't know how to do that now, we might fall for a false prophet and end up in spiritual ruin. Bible says its ok to question.

Prayer In God's Will
That really wouldn't be an answer to prayer, if you ask for a Hummer, then have to make the payments. That sounds like your eyes are bigger than your budget. Going to the lot, signing a purchase agreement for years on end.

When Does A Boy Become A Man
13 If you go by the Bible

I Pray Everynight After My Divorce
I had this same situation 3 years ago, be careful, you will end up terribly depressed, been there. It was terrible not seeing my kids. Get involved in activites, occupy your mind.

Remember, it's about the kids. You should have visitation rights, exercise them. Try activities with them whenever they visit, your make lasting memories, plus women notice. Pray often with the kids for understanding, by helping them, you help yourself.

I sympathize with you, society forgets men during divorces, left alone and lonely, no one seems to care. My prayers go out to you brother.

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