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Spanking Teenage Boys
17 here dad spanks me and my brothers. My close friends dads are similar. I hate it but know I need it when it happens. I have found I guess that spanking is uncommon as you get older but not where I am from. As long as you live at home. Mom stopped spanking when we got to about 12. She also is not there but tells dad if we need one.

Why Doesn't God Give Me A Mate
The best answer I can come up with is that there is a reason parents don't let their children play in the road. It might not be what you think. At 47 I have never married. I almost did when I was 30, and when I got out of it, there was a great deal of relief. It would have been bad for both of us. For one thing, I spend way too much time talking to imaginary friends. (a little humor) Good luck.

Wrong To Not Have Children
I've seen quite a few people using examples from the Old Testament to justify the obligation to have children in marriage. Examples such as, "be fruitful and multiply" and Onan. Something we must keep in mind with examples such as these is that that is what they indeed are, merely examples. Simply because God told specific people in a specific time and place to something doesn't mean that it applies for us as well. For instance, Paul tells some people in one of his churches to "greet each other with a holy kiss", however, we don't do that today. Plus there were other circumstances in those narratives such as the advancement of the line of the Messiah.

Third Jewish Temple Built
We know that the 3rd Jewish Temple WILL be built, because it states this in the bible very clearly. When the anti-christ confirms the 7 year peace treaty coming, part of this treaty will be that they can build a new temple. It's coming!

Bible Say About Hypnosis
I'm a certified hypnotist and the truth is that most people really don't know what hypnosis is. They only seem to believe the rumors from people who don't know nothing about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural process we are enter into automatically throughout the day such as Watching TV, Watching a movie, reading a good book or daydreaming. All of these are forms of hypnosis. So this means we have all been hypnotized at one point in our life. You are always in control during hypnosis and know whats going on.

Date A Girl Eight Years Younger
Even if she is under 18, it's okay to date if first, she is mature enough to handle dating, and second (most importantly) her parents are okay with it. If not, back off until she's older and you can have the consent of her parents. Dating is fine, but keep the physical aspect in check, and keep God number one. If you're both over 18, don't worry about it. After 18, age gaps don't matter really at all, though it's still best to have parental approval. May God bless you both.

Who Is Kim Clement
Mr. Clement told my aunt that my uncle (her brother) would be healed from a "blood disease". He died less than a year later from AIDS.

And if you say in your heart, 'How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?--when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

What Is The Mother Cult
.................NO MOTHER................ I was Catholic. I no longer am a Catholic and I never will be again, because now I am Born Again. Once your Born Again, you just don't go back. It would be like going back into your mother's womb. It's impossible, because once your soul is inlightened to the truth, darkness is swallowed up and your a new creation in Christ Jesus, just like the Bible says. God has no mother.
There is no Queen of heaven. Their lies to throw you off course.
Jesus is the way.

Can The Devil Read Our Minds
I agree with what you've said, do you have any verses that back this up?

Are Mary Appariations Demons
The Bible is available to almost everyone on this earth now. First off, you cannot read the Bible like any other book in the world. It's a spiritual book and it's contents is anointed. If you are God's child the Holy spirit will speak to your heart and you will learn of God.
I knew a man who knew the Bible more than me, but he was not saved. So I agree with Brenda on this - Everyone does not get the same thing out of the Bible.

Are Rosary Beads A Sin
As an xcatholic, I can say that I also prayed the Rosary. Now I know, without a doubt, that it's wrong. I see very intelligent people doing very stupid things, like praying the Rosary. Just because God's name is mentioned in the Rosary prayers does not mean it's from God. God did not invent the Rosary. Man did. It's mixing God, with things of the devil, and that is very offensive to our Creator.

What's Up Blog #3
Did somebody say fishey? Good day for that! Now if I could only find my fishing gear...

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
It wasn't just his denomination, but many tried to counsel with the man.
His reply, it's none of your business.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Gotta love that prosperity message.
Don't touch God's anointed.
Don't you dare question those that tell us, "It's none ya business."
Instead of an altar, it's an offering plate.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Helen, I have a problem with the prosperity doctrine.
What if the RC's said the same thing to you (which I am not). "Apparently you have a problem with the RCC, take it up with the Lord, not me."
(You addressed my name).

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Keep telling yourself that, Helen.
At the end, he asks for money, donations.
The vehicle may have a new paint job, but in the trunk is a stash of cash.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Helen, do you attend a church or like many, TV preachers are now your church of choice.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Helen, why would I ever replace the Church for television? The television cannot visit my family if they're in the hospital.
As you stamp out sacred cows, be careful you don't pick up some of your own along the way.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Caleb, God certainly does restore a person.
Does God restore the prosperity message along with the minister?
That's the 64 million dollar question.
Do you think blubbering and bawling garners support for the prosperity message?
Do you think tears loosens up pocketbooks? It worked in the past, why change a winning game, I guess.

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