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Spanking Teenage Boys
Im 16 and still get spanked by not often, only for something serious. Like really being rude and talking back. The worst part is the embarrassment since I feel Im getting old for it, but it helps me try to behave more. And i like it better than grounding since its faster. Its bare bottom over the desk but my mom lets me wear a jockstrap now. Hand or hairbrush and they stop when they can really tell Im squirming (and not faking it lol).

Did Judas Go To Heaven
Didn't Jesus said: "Father forgive them, they don't know what they are doeing!"

Has God Spoken To You
Well I was around 6 or 7 and I heard a power voice say Julian which is my name. I got scared and I ran downstairs to where my mom was. I said someone called my name but my dad was asleep and mom did not call my name. My mom told me who it could have been and I truly believe God called my name. It was a deep voice but not threatening and I felt calm after I found out. I am sad that I ran way when he called me but I was young and scared if he were to call me now I would answer back and obey.

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