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Should Pastor Pay Utility Bill
Ron...What is your position in the church? Is there a board? What was the arrangement when the pastor was hired? If the pastor is not being paid and his utility bills are not being paid by the church, I would guess that he doesn't teach on tithing. Maybe it's time for that sermon. Of course, it might be his last one there.

Financially Help My Kids
This question could be turned around. Should Christian adults ask their parents or in-laws for financial help when they get themselves in a bind? Seems like many times these grown kids complain about their parents and in-laws until they need something from them.

Can I Play Music In A Bar
Matthew...I've never known of a band that played in bars whose songs totally did not refer to some kind of sin. There couldn't be too many songs that fit into that category.

Bush Bowing Down To Pope
Alan of UK...Let me introduce my new name. Hopefully, this helps yuo. Oops! I been around you too long and am beginning to have typos too. LOL

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