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Explain Acts 19:11-12
The healings that Christ performed always resulted in 100% recovery on the spot. It was not by the power of God that people where healed but by the faith of those healed. Without faith the power of God is void. If you are not healed on the spot 100% YOU where not healed period.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Leave that congregation. According to Timothy as well as other scriptures, the women is not permitted authority within the church on any level. If the pastor is allowing this, he is in violation of God's word.

Favorite Translation Of Bible
The universal Catholic church was established by Constantines son and successor. Both of which where pagans and worshipped the sun. Pagan symbolism and tradition still runs strong and deep within the walls of Catholicism. All scriptures have been corrupted by the Catholic church and only a few versions or translations remain untoched by the Catholic church. These however are not written in English.

What Is God's Role
God has no role in this situation. He doesn't condone it, but neither will he stop it. He gave us all freewill and stoping us from acting upon it would be a violation of our God given freewill.

Do Ghosts Exist
No ghosts don't exist. Ecclesiastes chapter 4 says their is no knowledge of life or death after you die. Angels and demons do exist. We do not have a spirit man inside of us that leaves when we die. That is a pagan doctrine and was never taught by Christ or the apostles or prophets. We simply cease to exist after death, until the resurrection of the dead.

Saint Patrick's Day Celebration
Nicole - Yes Patrick was an ex-British slave. And yes he did kill thousands of the Druids or pagan worshippers who would not convert to catholicism. We are taught in school that Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Those snakes were not only men but women and children as well. This was done to get rid of any opposition. He then established about 300 churches there. And for that he was canonized a saint -talk about biting the hand that feeds you..

Saint Patrick's Day Celebration
If you understood the history behind St. Patrick's day no one would celebrate this day. Patrick was cannonized a saint because he massacred hundreds of thousands of the Ireland people. Go read about the Druid massacre. This had nothing to do with driving out snakes from Ireland but killing people that wore the headdresses with the cobra on it. The druids were exposing what the Catholics were doing and the people were starting to listen so the church had to get rid of them.

Was Christmas Pagan
1) The celebration of the Christmas tree dates back to the time of Nimrod to represent his rebirth, thus the evergreen tree was used. Jer. 10:1-4 explains the tradition of the tree and not to take part in it not even to inquire about it for it was the way of the heathens (paraphrasing). There was a reason for this.

Was Christmas Pagan
2) If you look up Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas in an ordinary dictionary your jaw will drop to the floor. They are synonymous with Satan. Look it up for yourself.

Was Christmas Pagan
3) Emperor Constantine started this Christmas thing to unify the eastern and western Roman empires (I believe eastern empire were Christians whom they were slaughtering and western empire was pagan worshippers). The pagan worshippers do not care what the Christians called that day. They know what it is about.

Was Christmas Pagan
4) I am not saying dont celebrate Christmas. Folks will do what they want anyway. Understand that it has nothing to do with Jesus. Call it for what it is or call it something else. But to use Jesus name in that manner is to use him as a vehicle for satanic means whether one meant to or not. How would you feel if your loved ones celebrate your birthday on May 8th when in actuality it was Feb 20th?

Was Christmas Pagan
5) Just search the internet for hidden meanings of Christmas and Easter for that matter.

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
The fruits of our nation...
Rampant materialism, slaughter of the unborn, the evolution lie in the public school, the eucamenical
movement, paganism, compromise, greed, selfishness,
our nation's elite holding annual pagan/occult "ceremony" at Bohemian Grove in California (yes, research this one!), the
name of Jesus not being "politically correct", forgetting God,
lewdness in the media,
occult acceptance (Harry Potter,
ouiga boards, etc), gay marriage...

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